• 1991 -General Nursing and Midwifery course was started
    (Currently, 50 students annual intake)

  • 1995-B.Sc Nursing Degree course was started
    (Currently, 100 students annual intake)

  • 1998 - KG College of Physiotherapy was established
    (Currently, 50 students annual intake)

  • 1999-Post Basic B.Sc nursing course was started
    (Currently, 25 students annual intake)

  • 2001-M.Sc Nursing course was started
    (Currently, 5 students annual intake in each of the specialties such as Medical Surgical Nursing, Child Health Nursing, OBG Nursing, Community Health Nursing & Mental Health Nursing)

  • 2004 - MPT Physiotherapy was started
    (Currently, 6 students annual intake in Orthopaedic, 6 students annual intake in Neurology, 6 students annual intake in Cardiology, 2 students annual intake in Sports)

Perseverance - learn, discover to achieve the goals

Progress - Continual progress towards achievements

Perfection - Doing justice to the work


The management of KG College of Health Sciences believes that the health of the citizens is vital for the progress of a nation. The college aims at preparing its students to take up the responsibility of ensuring the good health of the people in their respective areas of work. The course offers them a sound knowledge of health based on scientific principles, and the facilities to develop their skills and qualities required for excelling in their profession. The candidates who undergo training in this institution will be treated equally without any discrimination of religion, caste, creed and colour as laid down by the Constitution of India. We recognize that Nursing and Physiotherapy are important professions, which are influenced by the advances in science and technology. We believe that skill in all aspects of communication is essential for learning and practice in Healthcare. We believe that the students will be able to give quality care to all patients and practise evidence based care. The students will also be trained in the preventive aspects of care.


The program aims at grooming of students who will be able to:

  1. Take care of their patients and themselves independently with responsibility.

  2. Utilize the knowledge of Patient care in their field of clinical practice.

  3. Apply their nursing skills to people of all ages with different problems under their care

  4. Demonstrate skills in communication and develop sound interpersonal relationship among healthcare members.

  5. Be aware of behavioural sciences on the behavior of the person

  6. Demonstrate the ability to teach and take care of their family and community.

  7. Develop their skills in ward management and apply them as fit to the area of service.

  8. Render quality care and evaluate their own performance

  9. Understand the commitment of professional behavior and uphold the dignity of the profession

  10. Participate in curricular and co curricular activities at all levels

  11. Develop the leadership skills in working with the health team and community.