CSR initiatives of K.G. Hospital & Post Graduate Medical Institute, Coimbatore

(run by K. Govindaswamy Naidu Medical Trust)

 Brief write up about the hospital:

K.G. Hospital & Post Graduate Medial Institute, Coimbatore, established in the year 1974, is a multi and super speciality tertiary care hospital having treatment options for all types of ailments conforming to international standards. The hospital, which secured NABH accreditation in the year 2010, has state of the art equipments in all specialities. It lays particular emphasis on PREVENTIVE MEDICINE to avert diseases. Towards this objective, the latest initiative taken by the hospital is a noble project titled “PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY” to screen two lakhs school children for possible heart ailments over a period of five years. This project was launched by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, on 8th July, 2012.

 CEO”™s message:

K.G. Hospital”™s aim is to provide excellent medical service at affordable cost to the people in the community. To give back something to the society, the hospital has been performing free eye and heart surgeries for the poor on a continuing basis. The hospital has also been giving one dialysis free of cost to a poor person every day. The hospital believes in Preventive Medicine and conducts Health Awareness Programmes in various fora from time to time to focus on the importance of life style modifications to prevent diseases for the young and old alike. It also conducts free medical camps to detect diseases early among the people. The hospital has also been conducting series of continuing medical education programmes for the benefit of the medical fraternity. I am glad to share that as the future of India is in the hands of the youth, I have been meeting lot of school and college students periodically and giving them health awareness lectures. Over the years, I have met over 50,000 students and faculty members.

 List of current running CSR practices and projects:

 a)KG. Crusade against Childhood Blindness:

 Though children represent only 1.5 million of the world”™s 40 million blind, childhood blindness emerges as a leading burden of blindness ““ second only to cataract ““ when measured in terms of the years of blindness. Put simply, when a child goes blind, it is often a lifetime sentence. 50% of childhood blindness is avoidable.

To reverse this alarming problem, we at K.G. Eye Hospital, have taken up an ambitious project called “EVERYTHING FOR CHILD”™S VISION” to tackle the primary causes of childhood blindness. In this pediatric eye programme, all the elementary school students are being screened in their school premises free of cost. Those who require further treatment will be brought to the base speciality eye hospital. All the procedures and surgical treatments are provided totally free of cost. This project was inspired and inaugurated by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, in the year 2003, when he was the President of India. Over 1,000 free eye surgeries have been done for poor children so far. This is an ongoing CSR activity.

b)KG. Hospital”™s Preventive Cardiology Programme:

It is estimated that India will have 7 crore of heart patients in the next decade, meaning that India will become the Heart Attack Capital of the World. A weak India cannot become a Strong Country.

 Surveys have revealed that heart disease is prevailing among children also. 10% of the children screened are found to have heart defects. Adults between the age of 20 and 50 years and who are in the active phase of their life get heart attacks, while 30% of the adults who are screened have heart disease, another 40% have minor heart diseases.

Taking note of this grim situation, to start with, K.G. Hospital has launched the PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY PROGRAMME for school students, in which 2 lakh school children have been planned to be screened for possible heart ailments during the next five years. This programme was inaugurated in July, 2012 by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, and within a month of its launch, we have screened over 2,000 children. Nearly 10% of those screened were found to have some heart ailments, of which two children underwent heart surgery.

Case study/success story which has greater impact on the society:

Government alone cannot do everything to combat blindness. Towards this end, the free eye surgery programme launched by K.G. Eye Hospital has met with tremendous success. 85,000 poor people have undergone free cataract surgeries in our hospital.

 Contact details of CSR Head:

 Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam


K.G. Hospital & Post Graduate Medial Institute

5, Government Arts College Road

Coimbatore 641 018, India

Cell: 98430-66666

If you would like to make a donation to support our CSR activities, you may send a cheque drawn in favour of “˜K. GOVINDASWAMY NAIDU MEDICAL TRUST”™ payable at Coimbatore. The payment cheque may be sent at the above address.

 NOTE: Comprehensive details of KG Hospital”™s CSR activities are given in the Annexure.