A 97-year-old woman, who suffered a heart attack, was saved within 60 minutes of having complained of chest pain by doctors in a city hospital. The first 60 minutes is referred as the “˜golden hour”™ within which treatment must be given to maximise the chances of saving the patient.

According to the press release, the women, a resident of Kovaipudur, complained of chest pain and giddiness on February 4.

She was rushed to the K.G. Hospital, where she was shifted to the cardiac cathlab surgical suite.


A team headed by P. Nitthiyan, Interventional Cardiologist, and performed angiogram and angioplasty to remove the blocks to reperfuse the blood into the ischemic myocardium (a condition of insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle via the coronary arteries). The woman was discharged 48 hours after admission.

Hospital chairman G. Bakthavathsalam said that the hospital had performed a similar procedure a few months ago on a 95-year old woman.

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