COIMBATORE: Doctors at a hospital in Coimbatore have successfully transplanted a kidney that didn’t match the patient’s blood group.

The patient, a 28-year-old man, was suffering from end-stage kidney disease. He had been on dialysis for the past two years.

Since the man did not have a donor from his family whose blood group — B positive — matched with his, he was put on the cadaver donor registry. As he was unlikely to get a donor within the next three years, doctors at the KG Hospitals decided to transplant a kidney from his mother, whose blood group is AB positive.

“The doctors had put him on desensitization treatment for seven days after which the kidney was transplanted to him. The man made a rapid recovery and was discharged along with his mother in just one week after the transplant,” said a press release from the hospital.

Approximately, 30% of patients who want a kidney transplant do not have a donor with the matching blood group. Without undergoing transplant, patients end up getting a long-term dialysis, which is expensive and affects the quality of life.

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