KG Hospital has amazing gentlemen as doctors;

one such doctor is Dr. Manoj Ramachandran, Chief Opthalmologist – Combination of such human beings very very rare!

Dr. Manoj Ramachandran is a very unique doctor. He is a very humble and simple doctor. He is approachable by patients any time. All the patients love him for his gentlemanly behavior and attitude. They love him as a genuine human being.

Dr. Manoj had operated on his own parents aged 80 and 85 years respectively at KG Hospital. He also operated upon the Chairman of KG Hospital, Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam. The Chairman of KG Hospital also got his wife operated by Dr. Manoj.

After hearing all these, Mr. B. Ramamurthy, Senior Sales Manager, Lupin Limited, Mumbai, brought his mother, Sundariammal, aged 75 years, to KG Hospital for undergoing a cataract surgery.

Actually, Mr. Ramamurthy came to KG Hospital with his mother for undergoing a general check up. However, on investigations and tests, Dr. Manoj Ramachandran found that his mother needed a cataract surgery.

Dr. Manoj performed the surgery painlessly and with precision. My mother stayed in the hospital for only two days.

After two years of the surgery, my mother has good vision and does not have any trouble with her eyesight.

I am extremely grateful to KG Hospital’s Chairman and Dr. Manoj Ramachandran for restoring vision to my beloved mother at her old age.

Dr. Manoj is a very compassionate doctor. He always emphathizes with the patient and is one with him or her.

Dr. T. Muthuswamy
M1, KTVR Enclave
Maruda Kumar Road
Coimbatore 641 025 Cell: 93631-49295

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