I had the shock of my life on the 1st August, 2014 when my 16-year old only son, Varun Karthik, could not speak. He was blabbering. He had fallen down and his right side was paralysed as if he had a stroke attack. Myself and my wife were frightened and were shivering and were in a state of shock and did not know what to do.

We wanted to reach KG Hospital as soon as possible to save our son.

I wanted to see Dr. T.C.R. Ramakrishnan, Chief Neurologist of KG Hospital, whom I had met five years ago. He was standing like a ‘God’ in the corridor of KG Hospital He consoled me and my wife and my son was wheeled to the CT scan room, where the doctor ordered for my son to undergo a CT scan and also an MRI scan.

We thought that this incident happened due to nervous problem. However, Dr. Ramakrishnan mentioned to us that it was a brain problem.

I am a practising doctor myself and did not know much about this at that point of time.

Dr. Ramarkrishnan spent two hours with my son and ourselves to console us.

The CT scan did not show any problem. However, the MRI scan showed that one of the blood vessels had got damaged.

Later on, Dr. Ramakrishnan called Dr. C. Balasubramaniam, Senior Cardiologist of KG Hospital. He is a well known and humane doctor with good qualities. He came and saw my son and found that the heart valve was defective and there were some bacterial colonies (vegetations).

Dr. Balasubramaniam mentioned that my son had infection of the heart.

The whole night, Dr. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Balasubramaniam and the nurses did not sleep and they all stayed with the patient in the ICU. My son received wonderful treatment from all the staff members of the ICU. It was a wonderful and conscious team work that saved my son. All through the night, the ‘Hare Krishna’ mahamantram played by the hospital in a low tone gave us lot of encouragement and energy to withstand the ordeal. The devotional song was indeed soothing to the ears.

On the next day morning, the Chairman of the Hospital, Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam, walked into the ICU and made us comfortable and asked us to pray to God. He said that Dr. T.C. Ramakrishnan + God gave 100% success and he consoled us. That was the ‘moment of truth’, when the Chairman of the hospital himself came to us and gave us mental energy and strength to withstand this calamity.

God should bless the doctors, nurses and technicians of KG Hospital who did their duty tirelessly that night, but for which my son would not have survived. They were ‘messengers of God’ sent to us to help us while we were in distress.

I am very grateful to the hospital for saving our son.

Dr. T. Muthuswamy
M1, KTVR Enclave
Maruda Kumar Road
Coimbatore 641 025
Cell: 93631-49295

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