I know you Sir, for the past 50 years. For the past 40 years, myself and all my family members, viz. grandfather, grandmother, mother in law, father in law and others, have been regularly coming to KG Hospital for taking various types of treatments.

My husband, S. Jayasimhan, aged 63 years, is a civil engineer by profession; he works for AVP Constructions; consequently, he has lot of mental tensions. I have passed BA (Economics). I am a house wife. I have only one daughter, who after pursuing M.Sc.(Applied Genetics), is working as a Junior Research Fellow in SACON, Coimbatore.

My husband seldom goes to a doctor. In spite of repeated requests, he never went to any hospital for undergoing a master health check up. He also never bothered to check his blood pressure and blood sugar levels. He often takes Paan Parag, which is detrimental to his health; I am told that it would cause cancer.

On the 28th July, my husband complained of a gas problem. I gave him Eno

However, even in the afternoon, there was no improvement in his gas trouble. After great amount of persuasion, my husband agreed to see a doctor. Accordingly, we met a local doctor at 7.30 p.m. He examined him and gave a prescription. The doctor did not perform an ECG also.

My husband’s problems persisted beyond 10 p.m. on that day. Therefore, we took him to a nursing home closer to our house. An ECG was taken. The doctor was so tensed on seeing the ECG. The doctor placed a tablet under my husband’s tongue. As this nursing home did not have advanced facilities to treat my husband, he advised us to take him immediately to a bigger hospital. Immediately I decided to take my husband to KG Hospital, which is a unique hospital that has saved several lives during the past four decades.

My husband was conscious and we took him to KG Hospital in a Maruti Omni van.

En route, my husband became very breathless and drowsy and we were all really worried as to what would happen to him on the way.

When we reached KG Hospital at 11.45 p.m. (close to midnight), my husband was straightaway rushed to the Coronary Care Unit by the Emergency team of the hospital.

The duty doctor connected my husband to a monitor, when it was found that he was having a ‘Ventricular Tachycardia’ (VT) with feeble pulse.

Dr. Sriramachandran correctly diagnosed the problem of my husband. The nurse by name Shalat, gave him a DC shock. Immediately after the shock, the VT reverted to sinus rhythm. However, his blood pressure was as low as 70 mm Hg and oxygen saturation 75% and ECG showed acute inferior MI with heart rate of 50 per minute.

At this point of time, Dr. Y.Y. Rao, Chief Cardiologist of the hospital, was summoned to the hospital. He came at 12.15 a.m. (midnight). He found my husband’s pulse and BP to be low and ventricular tachycardia fluttering. He told us that anything could happen to my husband.

Dr. Rao thoroughly evaluated my husband and injection Tenecteplase was given intravenously to remove the clot in the coronary arteries. He was put on non-invasive ventilator. Dr. Rao also prescribed some medicines, viz. Lasix and Dopamine.

Due to God’s grace and the efforts taken by the duty doctors and staff, my husband’s BP improved, heart rate picked up and ECG also showed signs of improvement. His pulmonary edema also started improving.

Dr. Rao mentioned his urine output had improved and there were no signs of brain damage.

Dr. Rao mentioned to me that since my husband’s blood pressure was high, it may result in kidney failure.

Consequently, angiogram was not done immediately to determine the location and extent of block in the arteries, as the doctor wanted to play it safe. My husband recovered dramatically. His heart has stabilized. It is a miracle.

Dr. Ilangovan, Chief Nephrologist, also saw my husband.

My husband will undergo an angiogram after 3 or 4 days, following which the doctor would decide whether he has to undergo an angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery.

I am immensely grateful to the Chairman, Dr. Y.Y. Rao, Dr. Sriramachandran, Dr. Ilangovan, nurses and others who were instrumental in saving the life of my husband.

KG Hospital’s service, I should say, has been beyond our expectations. I am more than satisfied with the treatment given by KG Hospital. God made me come here and He is on our side.

Yours respectfully

C.N. Jumna

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