Man loses life, but saves six

A 39-year-old person who got married just a month ago and was going to a Notary Public to get his marriage certificate attested met with a serious accident that left him brain dead. Despite the tragic circumstances, his family consented to donate his body organs and has saved six persons.

K. Annamalai, a resident of Mangalam in Vellore district, was riding pillion on a motorcycle driven by his friend on Monday when his friend lost control of the vehicle, which skidded on the road near Meenakshipuram near Pollachi.

Annamalai suffered severe head injuries and was initially taken to a hospital nearby and was later shifted to the K.G. Hospitals on the same day. His friend suffered minor injuries.

He was declared “˜brain dead”™ on Tuesday. C.B. Chandrasekaran, cadaver transplant coordinator, requested Annamalai”™s kin to consider donating organs. Annamalai”™s wife agreed to do so.

The multi-organ harvesting was performed by a team of doctors from K.G. Hospital, and Apollo, Chennai. While a kidney was donated to KG Hospitals, the other kidney was donated to Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, heart valves to Madras Medical Mission, Chennai, liver to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, and the eyes to KG Eye Hospital.

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