KG Hospital conducts mock drill

A mock disaster management drill was organised here on Monday by KG Hospital.Army members from 93 Field Regiment at Madurkkai camp near here was deployed along with Coimbatore City Police and Fire Safety and Rescue Services at Valangulam By-Pass near Sungam, the site of the drill.

After information came from the police department, 35 personnel of the KG Hospital were kept ready at the base while another 45 went to the field in five ambulances. Emergency management teams trained in tragic process, which involved sorting injured people into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment, rushed to the spot.

They were assisted by army, police and fire services personnel in sorting out the victims and transporting them. The public were also told how to identify which victim for immediate transportation and other who could wait.

Of the 17 victims identified at the site, ten had serious injuries, five minor injuries and two persons were declared as “˜dead”™. The seriously injured patients were immediately shifted to Intensive Medical Care Unit and those in need of surgical intervention were shifted to operation theatre. An information centre was also established at the hospital

G. Bakthavathsalam, chairman of the KG Hospital, said that objective was to check the level of preparedness to face disasters and make the public aware of their role and responsibilities in the event of such an incident.

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