61-year old Vijayalakshmi was declared ‘brain dead’ in a road accident in Chennai by Apollo Hospital on 13.2.2015 at 9.15 a.m. The second brain death was declared at 3.15 p.m. on 13.2.2015. Her heart valves, liver, eyes and both kidneys were harvested. Whereas all organs except one kidney were donated to various hospitals, there was ‘no taker’ for one kidney.

As KG Hospital wanted a kidney for transplant to a patient imminently, the Transplant Coordinator of KG Hospital, Mr. C.B. Chandrasekaran, swung into action and arranged to shift this kidney from Chennai to Coimbatore. Accordingly, the harvested kidney was brought to Coimbatore by road during the midnight of 13th February.

The harvested kidney has since been transplanted into a man by KG Hospital.

The relatives of the transplanted kidney patient profusely thanked the Chairman of KG Hospital and its medical team for giving a new lease of life to the kidney failure patient.

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