Dear Dr. Bakthavathsalam,

Please allow me to introduce myself as Sundareswaran from Palakaad, who underwent a CABG at your esteemed facility on 29th August, 2014 under the safe hands of Dr. S.K. Varma, Cardiac Surgeon and prior to that was under the expert guidance of Dr. Y.Y. Rao, Chief Cardiologist.

I want to place on record that you have well nourished and grown a world class health care center though KG. The beauty behind the success is visibly simple. The core values preached and practised by you as Chairman have beautifully cascaded down to even the most junior staff. I could see the meaning of “Total Commitment” among all your employees. There is a deep sense of responsibility, accountability and service mindset, coupled with dedication and passion for their job and the institution they work for. The Standard Operating Procedures are well communicated to staff and continually monitored. Another extraordinary feature of KG is the hygiene and sanitation standards, which is on par with world class standards.

Like any ordinary soul, I was upset when I was advised by your doctors for CABG. Your senior doctors at this point of time took on the role of a technical advisor, but with warmth of a loving teacher. They were to the point, yet very motivating and reassuring. My session with Dr. Y.Y. Rao after angiogram and then with Dr. S. K. Varma instilled in me the confidence to undertake the surgery. I was so touched by the post procedural care while at the hospital. Dr Om Prakash was absolutely compassionate, as he took time out to explain in detail to each and every small question I had after the surgery. Dr Deepa Varma, with her radiant smile, made us feel comfortable and at home. Words are less to congratulate the Nursing team under the leadership of Sister Eliyamma who were available 24 x 7. From the lift men, cleaning girls, reception staff, dietary assistants and security guards, you have developed and maintained an excellent team Sir!

Will you trust me if I say when the discharge date arrived, more than the excitement of returning home , it was the subtle sad feeling of waving good bye to KG that made my eyes moist.

I sincerely pray God Almighty to bless you and your organization with all my heart. My family sends their thanks and very best wishes.

Like it is said”¦”Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”.

I am meeting Dr. S.K. Varma today on my first follow up check up after the surgery with a cheer.

Thank you once again for all your kind services.

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