Importance of healthy lungs

K.G. Bakthavathsalam presided over a symposium on “Pulmonology ““ An update” organised in KG Hospital here on Friday.

He emphasised the importance of healthy lungs for a disease free life.

He said that inhaling and exhaling in the right way ensured a proper supply of oxygen to the lungs and this could prevent conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis.

Pollution from industries and automobiles and the dust from debris and bad roads are the reasons for breathing problems, he said and added that the pollen from the parthenium weed was another hazard.

Smokers not only risked cancer to themselves, but also to those around them who were forced to inhale the noxious fumes.

There was also a talk on Sleep apnoea (pauses between breathing) and snoring. Dr. Bakthavathsalam said that KG Hospital would offer free treatment to habitual snorers.

Dr Norbert Vetter, pulmonologist from Otto-Wagner Hospital in Vienna, Austria, who was the chief guest, underscored the importance of the Lung Function Test.

He also spoke of the incidence of asthma among children, saying it could be due to several reasons including genetic disposition, premature birth and viral infection.

Dr Jayamohan Unnithan, pulmonogist in KG Hospital, spoke of the subtle differences between asthma and COPD, and the different treatments for them.

Children born of caesarean section were found to be more prone to asthma And similarly, the incidence of asthma among breast-fed children was less.

Children who led a pampered life in cloistered environments were more likely to get asthma, he said. Dr S.Santhakumar, pulmonologist, KG Hospital also spoke at the symposium.

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