Sustaining head injury is a serious incident. Sometimes it kills the patient or renders him/her invalid for the rest of their life. Sustaining head injury with the injured brain coming out of the head wound is all the more highly serious. In most situations it kills the patient. One such patient was admitted to kg hospital. He was highly critical on admission with a low blood pressure which is detrimental to any immediate surgical procedure in the brain. He was effectively managed by the intensivists and patient was taken up for surgery 36 hours after admission. His skull was found fractured in five places and the broken shrapnel like bone pieces were found to have lacerated the brain. Surgery was performed to get the maximum benefit. He recovered slowly but steadily following surgery and discharged from the hospital after 18 days, in a walking and talking condition. This is a best example to show that it’s not “the end” for the patient when the brain is coming out of the skull after an accident.

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