A 99-year-old patient from Ondipudur came to KG Hospital on Tuesday (11-04-2017) to get treatment for itching sensation.

As is his forte, KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam felicitated the patient with a “ponnadai,” and talked highly of elderly people whose experience and wisdom would guide the younger generation and channelize the latter”™s energy for constructive purposes.

Best Home for elderly people is KG Hospital

The patient, a staunch Saivite, handed over two books authored by him”””Malarinum melliyathu maanudam (Humanity is milder than a flower)” and “Thirumalai Malar” –to Dr Bakthavathsalam.

  • Our Chairman said that KG Hospital is the “Best Home for elderly people to get geriatrics care. The youths should discharge their filial responsibility by taking proper care of their parents and desist from leaving them in the lurch.”

Overwhelmed by the warm reception given to them, the patient and his daughter expressed their extreme happiness and gratitude to Dr Bakthavathsalam.

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