New device saves patient with large brain tumor

Using the ultra-modern “Brain and Neuronavigation System,” KG Hospital has successfully removed a large tumor, measuring 7 cm x 4.6 cm, in the brain of a 65-year-old male patient A.Aruchamy (name changed) from Vijayamangalam in Tirupur district.

Dr R.R.Ravi, Director& HOD, Department of Spine and Neuro Surgery of KG Hospital, who has performed the operation,says that the Brain and Neuronavigation System helps in carrying out precision surgery in the brain.

Brain is a crucial part of the body and damage to even a single brain cell would have its repercussions in the functioning of the corresponding parts in the body. In the conventional surgical procedure, extraction of tumor might impact the normal tissues/cells for about 3 cms around the affected part.

Precision operation

Dr Ravi categorically says that by employing the Neuronavigation system, the exact location and size of the tumor is determined. In the new system, the contours of the tumor are clearly demarcated and that helps in carrying out the dissection of the tumor meticulously, leaving the surrounding healthy tissues/cells intact.

Brain This latest procedure ensures accuracy in surgery and best clinical outcomes as in the present case. Dr Ravi says that it took 10 hours to complete the surgery. Since the patient was bleeding profusely during the procedure he had to be administered 12 units of blood.

KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam says that this could be possible because of the tireless endeavour of specialists, Neuronavigation system and the well equipped Blood Bank in the hospital.

Kin’s statement

The patient’s son Mr A.Karuppusamy said that his father was suffering from memory loss and slurred speech for the past 3 months. Of late, his left hand had become inactive. Initially, the family members took the patient to a psychiatrist at Tirupur who told them that it was not a psychiatric problem but required a brain scan to fix the cause.

Then, on the suggestion of a relative they came to KG Hospital. Mr Karuppusamy said that soon after gaining consciousness, post-operation, his father readily recognized him. The family came to know that his father had such a large brain tumor only after coming to Kg Hospital. “My father is now recuperating well, thanks to the best healthcare offered to him and the existence of advanced equipment in KG Hospital,” he said.


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