At this time of acute water scarcity, our Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam underscores the importance of life-sustaining water and how one should be thankful to Rain God for providing us with such nourishment. He lays stress on joining the Neerukku Nandri movement to give due reverence to water in the following manner:

Water is absolutely essential for life. Without water, plants, animals and mankind cannot survive. All over the globe, 600 crore people, 6,000 crore of animal species and 60 lakh crores of plant species require water for their survival and growth.

If water supply is affected, it will adversely impact all the beings on the earth. Water cannot be manufactured; what we get in the market is only “packaged water.” We get water through rain, and the rainfall occurs by the mercy of Rain God Varuna.

Whenever monsoon fails, water sources dry up. As of now, the scenario on the water front is quite bleak due to failure of successive monsoons in the past two years. The Cauvery, the Vaigai, the Thamirabharani and other rivers in Tamil Nadu have become just stretches of sandy ways.

Owing to water scarcity, the Vaigai gets artificially charged water flow just at the time of celebration of “Meenakshi Kalyanam.” As the waterholes in the forests too have become dry, animals like elephants are making forays into human habitations, leading to man-animal conflicts.


The continuous mining of sand in the dried up riverbeds is another cause of concern. Discharge of industrial effluents into waterways pollutes the water. Polluted water can neither be consumed nor be used for irrigation.

Important elements

Our body gets nourishments from water and air, and whenever the supply line is affected or the quality of these two elements suffers, putting human beings to risk. By doing pranayama in the early morning (Brahma Muhurtham), oxygen supply to the brain will improve, making us active and healthy.

Inhaling air for 10 seconds, holding up air for 5 seconds and exhaling for 10 seconds would improve oxygen supply to the blood and the brain. When breathing stops and heart ceases to beat, that will be the end of life.

Similarly, water is vital for sustenance of life and we must be thanking nature for providing us with water. The importance of water is being propagated by Guruji Mithreshiva, founder of Dakshina Foundation, through the “Neerukku Nandri” (Thanks to Water) movement.

In the North, rivers are being revered and it could be witnessed everyday at the Ganges where special aarthi is being performed by a lot of people. If similar practice of offering worship to the Cauvery is also observed in the South, the river will maintain its perennial nature.

We must all pray to the Rain God to give us ample rain unfailingly and also take a vow to protect and preserve the water sources.


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