KG Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Centre, equipped with advanced life-saving devices. In the past 43 years, it has treated as many as 12 lakh accident cases with good outcomes. Hence, KG Hospital is the most experienced hospital in Coimbatore to treat accident victims, according to our Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam.

Disregard to traffic rules such as not wearing helmets and seat belts, not observing the lane discipline, ignoring the yellow marking on the road, overloading the autorickshaws, and more than two persons riding on a scooter/bike result in either critical injuries or fatal accidents.

Given the increasing number of fatal accidents on India roads it is stated as follows: “in the US driving is on the left side, in the UK it is on the right side, and in India it is a suicide.” The manner in which two-wheeler riders race the vehicles is tantamount to suicide.

Multi-disciplinary approach

An accident victim might have suffered multiple injuries, such as brain injury, fractures in the arms, legs and ribs, damage to the liver, spleen and lungs. Hence, attending on such a patient requires multidisciplinary approach.

  • Our Chairman says that whenever an accident case is reported to KG Hospital, the specialists like neurosurgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons, urologists, anaesthetists and so on attend on the patient within 15—30 minutes.

Its Blood Bank and laboratory function round-the-clock. Its intensive care units have 45 beds, manned by 30 doctors during day time and 12 doctors in the night. It has a fleet of 7 ambulances and a set of 30 drivers.

The hospital has adopted the Advanced Trauma Life Support procedure. Because of such a holistic approach, even those patients who are fighting for survival are also saved here. If 10 injured persons seek treatment at a particular point of time, it is a disastrous situation, and KG Hospital is eminently equipped to deal with such a critical situation with ease and confidence.

For good health

Dr Bakthavathsalam further says that for keeping good health, one should have good thoughts, good food, unpolluted air and sense of gratitude to those who help us in whatever little way. One should avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol and intoxicating drugs.

Thankfulness, philanthropic disposition and ethical living are the sterling qualities that engender in a good individual. However, unfortunately the number of the people with such laudable characteristics is on the decline.

Our Chairman further says that it is a matter of concern that corruption, adopting extra constitutional methods to extract money or currying favour have gained precedence over straightforwardness and righteousness. God will not provide the good things to those with such negative qualities. Peaceful life is possible if one does not covet other’s wealth or possessions.


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