KG Hospital celebrated National Doctors’ Day in a grand gala manner on Saturday, 1st of July 2017. The hospital Auditorium where the event was held was overflowing with doctors drawn from various specialties.

All the doctors who attended the programme were in a cheerful mood, because it happened to be a great thanksgiving occasion for their selfless services to humanity. KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam, who was in his usual bubbling spirit, saw to it that the hour-long event was cherished by all doctors.

Wishes of young ones

To start with, a whole lot of students from National Model School came and expressed their thanks to doctors who save patients from the jaws of death. The students spoke very high of the doctors, presented bouquets and through a chorus song wished the doctors a happy and long life.

  • A group of cherubic children from “Litter Zebra,” a play school in Coimbatore also came to wish the doctors. Mrs Anusha, managing trustee of the school, said that in children’s view doctors administer bitter medicine and painful injections. It was to change this notion and to make them realize the good services being rendered by doctors she had thought it appropriate to bring the children to the function.

DoctorsDayThe office-bearers of Lions Club of Pollachi Liberty (incidentally the Club is celebrating its Centenary this year) showered praises on doctors for their dedicated services and the tremendous efforts put in by them to save lives.

Dr Bakthavathsalam in his brief speech delivered on the occasion said, “Doctors form an important part of the society. Theirs is a life-giving profession. Doctors are the tools of God meant to cure the humanity of the diseases.

National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on July 1 every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr B.C.Roy.”  By the way, Dr Bakthavathsalam has been conferred with the prestigious Dr B.C.Roy Award in 1984.

  • He said that KG Hospital had grown to the present stature in the past 43 years with the blessings of the people from India and abroad. Dr Bakthavathsalam sought to dispel the notion that doctors were out there to make money.

In fact, he said, the doctors were undergoing a great deal of torture and turmoil in treating the critical care patients and nursing them back to health.  Neither a teacher nor a guru would oblige a student or a disciple at odd hours; but a doctor was ready to serve the ailing patient at odd hours, 24 x 7, even by neglecting the interests of his own family members.

“If anything goes wrong, that is beyond the power of the doctor, he has to contend with the angry relatives. Therefore, doctors should not only be proficient in their medical and surgical knowledge, but should also act as a psychologist to understand the minds of the patients and their attendants,” Dr Bakthavathsalam said.

‘Think differently’

He called upon the doctors to develop “disruptive thinking:” in other words they should not get obsessed with their routine practice but should think differently to render their services in a different manner to ensure good outcomes.

  • The Chairman said that the doctors should pose the following questions to themselves: Am I a good listener? Can I talk nicely to patients? Can I communicate with a group of people? Am I a congenital teacher?

Dr Bakthavathsalam further said that doctors should be embodiment of  all loveable qualities like honesty, trustworthiness, sympathy, empathy,  ethical, compassionate, kind hearted and strong willed. He called upon the doctors to draw an “Action Plan” to deliver better results in their profession and to lead a happy and peaceful family life.

On the occasion, our Chairman felicitated the sanitary workers of KG Hospital, who he termed as a “Precious group” whose members clean up the unknown people without any hesitation.  He gave a power point presentation, tracing the advent of healthcare services right from Dhanvatari (God of Ayurveda) to modern day medicines.

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