A 59-year-old male patient from Kalaburgi (old name Gulbarga) in Karnataka got a donor kidney successfully transplanted in KG Hospital here on Tuesday (July 25th, 2017).

It may be noted that the patient belongs to a minority community. KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam told presspersons here on Wednesday that the donor kidney obtained from another hospital in Coimbatore city was given to the KG Hospital patient in accordance with the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act 1994.

As soon as the availability of the donor kidney was known, KG Hospital medical team readied the patient and put all the surgical procedures in place in quick time.  The donor kidney reached KG Hospital at 3.30 p.m on Tuesday and the transplant procedures took three-and-hours to complete.

Dr Bakthavathsalam said that the patient is doing well now. The donor was 25-year-old Ms Preethi who had a medical condition called corticovenous thrombosis, an acute blood clot in the brain that caused her death.

She was declared brain dead in the hospital of her admission and her organs such as lungs, liver, kidneys, eyes, skin and bones were harvested there. As per the Organ Sharing Registry being maintained by the Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu, one donor kidney was allotted to KG Hospital.

Patients’ first approach

In the past 4 years, KG Hospital has done significant number of kidney transplants in Karnataka patients. These kidneys were harvested from “brain dead” people.  The organ transplants are being done regardless of the geographical, religious and gender confines.

True to the profession, KG Hospital has been upholding the medical ethics in letter and spirit. It is thoroughly concerned about mitigating the sufferings of the ailing humanity and saving the human lives, regardless of their domicile status and nationality.

The Wednesday transplant is the latest instance to prove the commitment and dedication shown by KG Hospital for the well-being of the people at large, said Dr Bakthavathsalam.

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