“Raksha Bandhan” celebrated in KG Hospital on 5th August, 2017 proved to be a lively and joyful occasion. “Raksha” means protection, and, “Bandhan” means bond.

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion in which the loving bond between brothers and sisters get strengthened. While sisters tie the “Rakhie” (tastefully decorated threads) in the wrists of their brothers, the latter take a vow to protect their sisters from all problems and evils, and, ensure their happy life.

Our Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam had made the arrangements for Raksha Bandhan in an impressive and memorable manner.

  • The Chairman always rejoices in calling all the doctors, employees and supporting staff of the hospital as “members of the KG Family.” Many dignitaries, leaders and ordinary patients who were treated in KG Hospital had expressed their astonishment over the homely atmosphere prevailing in the hospital, in terms of loving care bestowed upon them.

The Raksha Bandhan function truly reflected the strong familial bond existing across the departments in the hospital. Moreover, Dr Bakthavathsalam has been reiterating the point that every section of our multi-specialty referral hospital has been playing an indispensible role for its smooth running.

Hence, without making any distinction he made the medical fraternity, the administrative staff and the supporting staff to mingle freely and gladly express their affection to one another through tying and accepting Rakhies.

  • The patriotic fervour too came to the fore at that time, as Dr Bakthavathsalam observed that “though China-made Rakhies are available at a low price in the market, the people this time around have shunned those decorative threads because the Chinese are creating problems on the India-China border. Therefore, they have preferred to buy the indigenously made Rakhies,” he said.

The event undoubtedly reinforces the view that all sections of the hospital act as a close-knit family, striving in unison for the wellness and well being of the patients.


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