KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam participated as the Chief Guest in the unique function organized at Kallanai in Trichy on August 6th, 2017 to perform “Aarathi” to the Cauvery.

It replicated the elaborate “Aarathi ritual” being performed to the Ganges on a daily basis. It is to be noted that a group of priests who are carrying out the ritual at the Ganges, gathered at the Cauvery front to perform the colourful ceremony on that day.

It drew spontaneous and overwhelming response from a large number of people, environmentalists, nature lovers and officials. In the event organized by Guruji Mithreshiva, founder of Dakshina Foundation, Justice Mr G.R.Swaminathan, an Additional Judge of Madras High Court, presided, and Dhamu, cine actor, delivered a special address.

Pada Yatra

Earlier, Dr Bakthavathsalam flagged off and also took part in the “Pada Yatra” taken out from the Kallanai to the water front to create awareness among the people on the importance of protecting and preserving the rivers and other water sources.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Bakthavathsalam said, “Owing to failure of successive monsoons, the so-called perennial rivers in the State, such as the Cauvery and the Vaigai have almost gone dry, seriously impacting irrigation and drinking water potential.

The Cauvery happens to be the lifeline of the delta region, growing mainly paddy. With deficit rainfall and acute water shortage, food-grains production in the delta region has got a serious hit, posing a threat to food security in the State,” he said.

  • Dr Bakthavathsalam observed that “water is quite essential in our day-today life. Without water no cooking, no washing and no survival is possible. It is quite unfortunate that water has come to be regarded as a commodity. Our forefathers revered water and offered worship at water sources. They were emotionally attached to water sources and to all other natural resources.

But in modern days, the emotional connect with water is missing. This emotional disconnect is the prime reason for all our water sources getting polluted, narrowing down and even disappearing,” he bemoaned.

‘Water is an entity’

Dr Bakthavathsalam noted that “for getting a piece of cake at a birthday party we thank the persons concerned. But, we never think of thanking water that sustains us throughout our life.

At this crucial juncture when the rivers are drying up, we must appreciate Guruji Mithreshiva for having launched the ‘Neerukku Nandri’ movement. In the North, “Aarathi” is performed to the Ganges for ages, but such a practice is not prevalent in the South.

The ‘Aarathi’ function organized at the Cauvery is intended to restore the sanctity of the Cauvery,” he said.

It is the stand of Guruji Mithreshiva that water is an entity, an animated being like us. Water has been an inalienable part of human life, from birth to death. In the olden days the sages and rishis used to carry a pouted waterpot with them. Whenever they wanted to bless or curse someone they would sprinkle water on the person concerned.

In Christianity, water plays an important role in baptism. In Islam, the faithfuls cleanse themselves before entering the place of worship. Extensive researches conducted by Mr Masaru Emato, a Japanese scientist, have conclusively proved that water reacts to the feelings of the people and responds to the happenings around. It is known from the changes in the molecular structure of water.

  • Dr Bakthavathsalam called upon the people to re-establish their bond with water and pay due respect to it. He further said, “Water is a natural resource meant for the survival and wellbeing of humanity. No dispute should arise in sharing the river waters. The onus is on our leaders, politicians and policy-makers to help the people of the riparian States to have a fair share in the river waters so as to facilitate harmonious living.”

“As we are thankful to our parents, we must also be grateful to the Nature and its bounty. The take away message for those assembled here is that they should spread awareness among their families, friends and relatives about the sacredness of rivers,” he added.


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