Independence Day is being celebrated enthusiastically today (15th of August 2017) across India, amazingly the largest democracy in the world.

India has a population of 1.31 billion (131 crore) people – young, old, women and men.

In the “United States of India” the unity is there in spite of diversity of religions, economic status, literacy, caste, creed, religion, languages and so on and so forth.

Seventy-one years ago in the midnight of 14th-15th of August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru said our country had a “Tryst with Destiny.” We got freedom at midnight, the English men walked out and Indians took over to rule our country.

We suffered slavery under the autocratic rule of the British. They injected the Western culture and almost destroyed the Indian culture; introduced their civilization in every aspect of our life, including in food, beverages, clothing and the educational system, all partly destroyed our culture.

What is still persisting is their method of Governance; they laid some roads especially in the hill stations, systemically robbed and removed trillions of rupees worth of our jewellery back to London and lakhs of Indian soldiers died while fighting the war for the British.

We have freedom from the British rule. Yes, Yes, Yes! But are we free from the following:

  1. Are we free from diseases?
  2. Are we free from ignorance?
  3. Are we free from pollution?
  4. Are we free from religious intolerance?
  5. Are we free from corruption?
  6. Are we free from poverty?
  7. Are we free from death? Lakhs of people die in road accidents.
  8. Are we free from alcoholism?
  9. Are we free from illiteracy?
  10. Will we get back our original culture?

Ours is a god-loving country and a god-fearing country. We respect of our elders, fathers, mothers, teachers and the god.

We respect our doctors who save our lives. Do we respect the lives of others on the road?

We respect money and conservation of wealth we created. Do we respect the environmental loss?

We respect the rivers and the Mother Earth. Do we restrain from polluting the rivers?

Mosquitoes breed in our stagnant water and in an unhealthy and unclean atmosphere dengue kills people.

Why rivers are going dry?

We forget to thank Mother Cauvery and the Ganges for having provided us with life-sustaining water, and therefore, we do not get any water in the rivers.

The quarrel between the States in sharing river waters, makes the water goes into the sea, but we are not willing share the water with the neighbouring States.

  • After getting education we run away to other countries. The promise of prosperity there is attracting us. We forget the mother and the Motherland. We live happily in far away European and American countries, leaving our brothers and other members of family, and the people in the country to suffer.

Or at least, do we respect our own body and our own biological family? Are we free from bad habits, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, lust, jealousy or laziness?

The transformation has to happen in the country, to elevate it from a developing country into a developed country. It cannot happen because of the government, either State or Central Government.

The transformation has to happen within you to bring peace and harmony in your own biological family. If you have peace in your life, there will be peace in your work place; if there is peace in your city, there will be peace in the State and if there is peace in the State, there will be peace in the country.

The transformation has to start from you only.

Jai Hind!

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

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