KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam gives the antidote for depression and suicide as follows:

Antidote for depression and suicide is “eternal happiness.” The formula for eternal happiness is: “understand who you are?”

So, who are you? You are a child of God, God is your friend, father and mother. Being God’s child you must always be happy.

Why do people get depressed and frustrated? It is because of unfulfilled desires, disappointment for instance, failure in examination, failure in love, failure in marriage, failure in business etc.,

So, anticipate failure, you will never be disappointed. If you succeed in the first attempt you are a winner. Ultimately if you have failed in many attempts, you are almost near to success.

How to challenge failure! If there is a problem, have faith in yourself and faith in God. Persistent, consistent, passionate hard work with gratitude to God always results in success.

When you can’t do it on your own, get help from anyone and everyone who cares for you – be they family or friends. Please don’t resort to drugs, alcohol or dark net.

You are God’s Masterpiece.

You will succeed anyway because you are a “Master’s piece”.

God bless you and bless us all!

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