KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam’s formula for happiness is as follows:

Happiness is our birthright, our eternal birthright. Happy people are effective in their life.

Get married when you are in a happy frame of mind. Select a happy partner. After the marriage create a happy progeny.

Marriage is to procreate children, and not for recreation as portrayed on silver screen and TV screen, and by the so-called super stars.

These platforms depict all women as sex objects, to be treated as use-and-throw substances. Happiness is the ultimate aim of life. Happy people will never get depressed.

Having good friends will lighten up your problems. For which, one should have friends who do not have any expectations. One who acts with expectations can never be a good friend.

  • Friends must be like candles lighting up your life by telling stories, giving positive information and telling apt lies such as “cancer can be cured and I will bear all the expenses on this score.”

You can make your wife or father or brother as your good friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed, is a friend indeed.

If one is not fortunate enough to have such friends, he can try to access the universal friend, Lord Krishna, who does not discriminate people on the basis of wealth, gender or on any other criteria.

For it, you have to call Him by saying:

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.”

Reciting these two lines once constitutes one round and one need to repeat it 108 times a day or multiples of it.

  • Lord Krishna is head of all Gods. He is listening to you, and when He sees that His devotees are in distress He would come running; not physically running but he would be sending his positive vibrations through someone to help you: it could be a doctor who attends on your disease.

Don’t ever attempt to make friendship with those having negative qualities / feelings.

The Tamil adage has it: “கூடா நட்பு, கேடாய் முடியும்” (Wrong friendship will end in problems).

If you have a friend who is addicted to smoking, you will become a passive-smoker and become susceptible to diseases. If a husband is a habitual smoker, his wife will become a secondary or a passive smoker and suffer from all physical ailments.

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