Surgical Oncologist Dr G.Balamurugan, who has been conferred with the ‘Doctor of Excellence Award-2017’ by KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam, expresses his gratitude in the following words:

Padma Shri Dr G.Bakthavathsalam,

I am wordless and speechless in front of your Benevolence, Magnanimity, Generosity and Hospitality Sir.

You are an interesting and a great person. Every human being who aspires to become a successful person in life should imbibe your adorable qualities.

In spite of all the worldly tussles, you remain unperturbed.  You are a tough person with a generous heart.

Your ability to empathize with others’ feeling is extraordinary; and your ability to ignite the young lethargic minds is amazing.

You provide a plethora of opportunities for young budding doctors. You act as a caretaker for persons who are in grief and distress.

Many times I am stunned by your sense of humour, oratorical, communication and interpersonal skills.

You are a person with a high degree of competence in managerial skills and with an impeccable character. That is why your achievements are unstoppable.

I am seeing you as a powerful Jeevatma blessed with all traits necessary for a Noble person.

I am really proud to receive this award from your Divine Heart Sir.



My father, my mother, my wife and my son who all attended the award function are all very,very happy on seeing me receiving the award from you. They have expressed their deep gratitude to you Sir.

With love in abundance. Thank you Sir.

Dr G. Balamurugan

Surgical Oncologist

Coimbatore Medical College Hospital



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