KG Hospital, Coimbatore, is proudly celebrating its 44th birthday today, January 19th, 2018. Started on a humble note in 1974, KG Hospital has grown from strength to strength over the years, and has now become a super multi-specialty hospital, rendering healthcare services of international standard at affordable cost.

KG Hospital has become not only the face of healthcare services but has also set a benchmark for other healthcare providers in this part of Tamil Nadu.

KG Hospital Founder Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam, who is passionately attached to KG Hospital, has the following to say about the successful journey of the hospital:

“44th Happy Birthday to my Mother – KG Hospital (KG—Kingdom of God) who has given me everything and the recognition, and also the opportunity to help all of you at times of need.”

He recalls that “with available resources and people, the hospital has been built. Always the growth happens around the doctors/specialists. It is God’s will and people’s support that KG Hospital has now grown to the present stature.”

Dr Bakthavathsalam says categorically that running the affairs of KG Hospital is not a one- man show. He has inculcated the sense of ownership among all his medical team, staff and employees and such an attitude has facilitated total involvement of one and all, which in turn has spurred the growth.

KG Hospital has many records to its credit and few of them are mentioned below:

Under the “Crusade of KG Hospital against Childhood Blindness,” KG Hospital has performed 1,000 free eye surgeries to poor children. This charitable act has found a prominent place in former President Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam’s book: “India 2020-A Vision for the New Millennium.”

The hospital has also performed 95,000 free cataract surgeries and implanted intraocular lenses. It has also saved the lives of about 2,000 children by performing free heart surgeries and doing surgical interventions.

KG Hospital is supplying free blood to 50 children afflicted with Thalassemia.

The magnanimity of Dr Bakthavathsalam has become obvious whenever natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami and floods struck any parts of India. During those critical periods, the Chairman happened to be one among the firsts to rush medical relief to the affected people.

The philanthropic attitude of Dr Bakthavathsalam comes to the fore by his remarkable statement: “The balance sheet of KG Hospital is prepared on a daily basis: not in terms of earnings, but in terms of how many patients have been cured or saved or how many patients have been made happy.”

Not resting on its laurels, KG Hospital is forging ahead in the healthcare sector by inducting ever new technologies like 128 Slice Heart CT Scan, Neuro-Navigation System, Painless Digital Mammogrphy, MRI scan and Responder-2000 (an emergency state-of-the-art ambulance service) and new talents, all in the interest of rendering the best possible healthcare services to the people.

As part of the celebrations, Dr Bakthavathsalam arranged for “Annadhanam” for the hospital workers. Hospital staff honoured the Chairman by garlandin him.

On this momentous occasion, the KG family members rededicate themselves to the service of humanity with absolute devotion and take the name and fame of KG Hospital to glorious heights.

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