KG Foundation organized a special function for introducing the book “Vetri Tharum Melanmai Panbugal for Police personnel” (Management qualities for success for policemen) written in Tamil by Dr A.Amalraj, Commissioner of Police, Trichy, and former Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore, at KG Hospital Auditorium on Thursday, 1st of February, 2018.

KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam said that Dr Amalraj, a highly efficient police officer endowed with good administrative skills, had written this wonderful book on management.

It would not only be beneficial to police personnel, and but would be useful for all sections of the society, including doctor. “The book deals with various kinds of management, including crime management. Crime management is also applicable to medical fraternity because of it helps in forensic investigation,” Dr Bakthavathsalam said.

The Chairman said that Dr Amalraj could have been a good educator but having joined the police service it could be said that “it is a loss to the Education Department but a gain for the Police Department.”

He further said that “we should salute the police and military personnel because they are for our safety. While the police personnel protect us from the criminals, the military personnel prevent the incursion across the borders.

Dr Bakthavathsalam recalled that when Coimbatore city was rocked by serial bomb blasts, KG Hospital was the only hospital open to give treatment to bomb blasts victims.

He noted that “before the bomb blasts, Coimbatore was known as a Textile Boom City; and after bomb blasts it came to be known as a Bomb City; after the advent of KG Hospital it is called a Hospital City, and after the establishment of KGiSL by Mr Ashok Bakthavathsalam, Vice-Chairman of KG Hospital and Managing Director of KGiSL, it is termed as IT City.”

Whenever, a VIP get admitted in KG Hospital the police personnel used to provide tight security. Dr Bakthavathsalam said that the author of the book Dr Amalraj had a very good intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, communication quotient and spiritual quotient that had made him an efficient police officer and an effective writer.

He underscored the point that to be successful one should be a good manager. “Women are managing the household chores in an excellent manner and therefore it would be apt to call them as House Engineers and not as Housewives,” Dr Bakthavathsalam said.

Mr Ashok Bakthavathsalam in his welcome addressed applauded Dr Amalaraj as a wonderful person and a multifaced personality. “He stands his own ground as far as law and order issues are concerned. He is a rare communication talent. The book will be a boon to the youths and the eldely people,” Mr Ashok Bakthavathsalam said.

Coimbatore District Collector Mr T.N.Hariharian, in his presidential address said that Dr Amalraj had got a Ph.D in Management. In police department Dr Amalraj was a unique personality because besides concentrating on crime and law and order duty he was keen on improving the social aspects too. It could be possible because he was a good administrator. It was on the initiative of Dr Amalraj, the otherwise obsolete Hamilton Club had been renovated and a police museum showcasing a battle tank, weaponry the arms used by forest brigand Veerappan and so on.

Commissioner of Police Mr K.Periaiah said that it was due to the efforts of Dr Amalraj (when he was Commissioner of Police in Coimbatore) the police stations got a facelife, and that paved the way for the R.S.Puram Police station adjudged as the best police station in India.

Besides this, Dr Amalraj had set up a Traffic Park for Children in Coimbatore. He was instrumental in capturing the persons involved in theft in ATMs in the textile city. It was because Dr Amaraj had the passion and full involvement in whatever he chose to do, the book too had come out very well.

“The book is meant not only for the police personnel but meant for the entire society. If it is translated into English, it would serve a wider purpose,” Mr Periaiah said.

Inspector General of Police (West Zone) Mr A.Pari in his speech said, “One who controls the mind rules the world.  This book helps control the mind and therefore, what all stated in the book are applicable to one and all.

Mr Pari elaborately quoted Tamil literature, including those that belonged to Sangam Literature period, to prove how books had acted as efficient tools in transforming the thought process and the society.

Popular Tamil poet Mr Kavidasan said that since the book was dealing with three important aspects such as profession, family and the society, it had got wider appeal. He reminisced that when Dr Bakthavathsalam released his first book and from then on there was no looking back for him. Since, Dr Bakthavathsalam had that magic touch, the book of Dr Amalraj would also be a runaway success, Mr Kavidasan said.

Dr Amalraj in his speech said that the book was written on management principles with the perspective of a police officer. It would be an effective tool in realizing the vicissitudes of life and how to manage the happenings.

He further stated that though his experience in the police department had come in handy for him to put forth the management principle, whatever he learnt from the books also helped him in compiling the book.

Dr Amalraj said that the “Loading Dose” concept promoted by Dr Bakthavathsalam had become quite viral through the social media. In fact, it had saved the life of Salem District Judge when a constable on security duty suggested intake of Loading Dose when the former developed certain health problems. The Judge immediately contacted his daughter, a doctor in the US, to know about the efficacy of Loading Dose, and the latter rightly advised him to take the dose and then get treatment in a hospital.

Dr Amalaj further said that he was always keeping the Loading Dose ready in his pocket. He said that books were not meant to be kept in library, to fulfill the budgetary provision, but also to be read.

Dr Bakthavathsalam said that he had distributed his book “Healthy Heart for Life,” free of cost to about 5 lakh people.  The publisher of the book Mr M.Velayutham, proprietor of Vijaya Pathipagam, said that the book would provide an absorbing reading.

Prof. K.Jagadeesan, an eminent writer, in his brief introduction to the book said that the 352-page book with 30 chapters dwelt on management principles in various fields such as emergency management, financial management, human resource management, friendship management and so on.

Mr G.Vijayakumar, Business Associate, Jewel One, Coimbatore, dignitaries, senior doctors, Chief Executives, managers and nurses of KG Hospital participated in large numbers.

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