Two children, Priyanka aged 5 years and her elder brother Mukil Raja aged 7 years (names changed) travelling in a car driven by their father, met with an accident at Pollachi and sustained severe injuries on Monday night.

Admitted in a critical condition in KG Hospital, a team of specialists performed a “midnight marathon surgical strike” on them and saved their lives. The children are now under post-operative recovery, according to our Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam.

While Priyanka suffered liver injury, Mukil sustained multiple fractures in the skull. Soon after the accident the children were taken to a local hospital at Pollachi and from there they were referred to KG Hospital.

Within five minutes of receiving the information that the injured children were being brought here, our Chairman assembled a team of doctors comprising a general surgeon, a paediatric surgeon, a blood transfusion specialist, an ultrasonologist, and so on to attend on them.

Heavy blood loss

The children were treated in the Level I Trauma Care Centre of our hospital that is functioning 24×7. The child with liver injury bled profusely, and almost three-fourth of the volume of her blood got accumulated in the abdomen. Therefore, to rectify the blood loss, she was given 2 litres of blood transfusion.

The team that successfully performed the surgery comprised Chief General Surgeon for Trauma Dr V.P.Shanmugasundaram, Anaesthesiologist Dr Senthil, Critical Care Intensivists Dr Manimozhiselvan, Dr Feroze Khan and Dr Reshma, Blood Transfusion specialist Dr Viveka Priyadarshni, CT technicians, along with a batch of nurses. The child with the broken skull also underwent a surgery.

Dr Bakthavathsalam has voiced concern over the increasing occurrence of road accidents across the country. On an average 1.35 lakh people are killed in road accidents in India. He says that accidents are occurring due to bad roads, bad cars/two-wheelers, driving while speaking on cellphone, reckless driving, not wearing seat belts or helmets, not observing traffic rules and also due to the slackness of police personnel in enforcing the traffic rules.

It is mandatory for children also to wear seat belts while travelling in a car, or else at the time of mishaps they would tumble or would be tossed around, resulting in injuries. In America children invariably put on the seat belts, Dr Bakthavathsalam says.

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