Dr G.Bakthavathsalam, KG Hospital Chairman, conferred the “Doctor of Excellence Award” on Dr K.R.Palaniswamy, Gastroenterologist of Apollo Hospital, Chennai, at a function held in KG Hospital Auditorium on 17th February 2018.

The award has been instituted by KG Foundation.

While replying to the felicitation, Dr Palaniswamy said that he was happy to accept the honour. On the occasion, he also delivered KG Endowment Oration on the topic “Clinical Gastroenterology in the era of modern technology.”

Dr Palaniswamy said that “in the treatment of patients continuous search for technology and its application is essential. Balancing technology with human touch is also required. Nowadays, young doctors spend less time with patients and rely more upon the modern gadgets. They do the diagnosis at a distance.”

He cited seven different types of gastroenterology cases which could not be diagnosed and treated elsewhere, but were successfully treated by him.

‘Take patients into confidence’

Later, answering the questions as to how in this age of consumerism and medico-legal cases a doctor could treat a patient without the backing of sophisticated equipment, Dr Palaniswamy said that by touching and listening to the patient, a doctor could arrive at the right kind of diagnosis. When the treating doctor is in doubt, he could take a second opinion from another doctor.

Dr Palaniswamy categorically said, “The doctor should explain to the patients without hiding the likely post-treatment complications that might arise.”

He said that Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease are two evolving diseases. More youngsters, such as school and college students, and IT professionals are afflicted by these diseases owing to stress and eating junk food.

Tips for healthy living

Dr Palaniswamy said that diseases could be prevented by lifestyle modification like:

  • Eating fresh food (not stale or stored food)
  • Taking small meals four to five times a day (not large meal to stuff the stomach)
  • Taking good quantity of leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Drinking adequate water
  • Having early dinner
  • Going to bed only two hours after dinner

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