Seventy-four-year old Mr Sridharan from the US, who could not walk for 2 years, was admitted in KG Hospital recently.

He was bedridden because of severe backache. He thought that he may not walk again.

He went from doctor to doctor, and hospital to hospital in the US, but his condition worsened. Finally, he said, “I am done with the States (US). I am going to Coimbatore KG Hospital to consult Dr Sendhil, a Pain Specialist.”

His wife Mrs Kausalya said, “Somebody suggested that we go to a hospital in Chennai but my husband was not satisfied. Soon after landing at the Coimbatore airport, we drove straight to KG Hospital and got him admitted in the hospital.”

“My husband underwent a surgery that lasted three-and-half hours, and on the 4th day, he began walking in his room. Then he started walking along the corridor. Now he could climb the stairs, which he could not do for the past two years—it is a miracle.

“KG Hospital is a great institution and its Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam is a great visionary of all. The hospital has an able medical team,” Mrs Kausalya said.

Mr Sridharan says, “My experience in KG Hospital is very positive. Dr Sendhil is taking care of me very well whom I call as my son.”

His wife said on the day of discharge, “Dr G.B, we are extremely happy. All your doctors are extremely smart. They are ‘Americans’ in the brain and ‘Indians’ in the heart. India is much more spiritually developed country when compared to other countries. Hats off to you!”

She blessed: “Long live KG Hospital medical team, particularly the fantastic nurses.”

Dr Bakthavathsalam said: “Happy International Women’s Day.”


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