On World Hand Hygiene Day (Saturday-May 5), KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam organized a Poster Presentation competition and an awareness lecture for the benefits of hospital staff.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Bakthavathsalam said, “A healing hand is better than a praying hand. The healing hand must be kept neat and clean.”

Unclean hands would cause infection. The health professionals should not add another infection to a patient who was already infected.

The Chairman called upon the hospital staff not to bring infection from the streets, nor take infection from hospital.

“Safety first, Patient first” is the policy of KG Hospital. Therefore, it is mandatory to wash hands before touching the patients and after touching the patients,” Dr Bakthavathsalam added.

Dr T.Ramachandran, Consultant Physician of KG Hospital, said that two types of infections were happening: 1.Hospital associated infection and 2. Healthcare associated infection.

Statistics showed that in the US over 2 million patients were affected annually by hospital acquired infection (nosocomial infection) that caused 100,000 deaths and imposed an economic burden of 4.5 billion US dollars.

If that was the situation in a developed country like the US, we could well imagine the Indian situation.

KG Hospital had put in place the Infection Control Committee to prevent hospital associated infection. Washing hands for 15—20 seconds with soap could effectively prevent infection.

Dr Ramachandran also said that drying the hand was also equally important. It had been proved that drying hands with paper towel would reduce the bacterial load by 48.4%, whereas drying the hand with a blower would spread the bacteria all around.

Prize winners

On the occasion Infection Control Champion badges were distributed to the healthcare promoters. The following staffs were given prizes in the Poster Presentation competitions:

Solo: Alamelu (Nursing Manager, 7th floor) – First prize; Krishnaveni (Clinical Pharmacist) – Second prize and Thilaga (Staff Nurse, Deluxe Block 3rd floor) – Third prize.

Group: Jesil and team (IMCU 1) – First prize, Subashree and team (Staff nurses-Deluxe Block) – Second prize, and, Susan and Team (NICU) – Third prize.

Dr Shikha Ranjan, Consultant Microbiologist and Infection Control Officer, made the arrangements for the function.

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