KG College of Nursing & Nursing Department, KG Hospital, celebrated International Nurses Day in a grand manner in KG Hospital Auditorium on May 12, 2018.

In his presidential address delivered on the occasion, KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam said, “Nurses form an important component of life-saving godly work and therefore, they are called as Angels. Nursing is the noblest profession equal to or even better, in some aspects, than doctor’s profession. Without nurses, the hospital cannot survive.”

He further said, “Nurses are the pillars of the hospital. It is in their hands either to bring glory to the hospital or to spoil its image. The services of nurses are required from the cradle to the grave.  After doctors examine the patients, it is the nurses who take care of the patients till their recovery. The care and attention shown by nurses save the patients.

The Chairman recalled the good services rendered by senior nurses such as Susee, Kuruvilla and Sonia. He termed Ms Vaijayanthi, Chief Executive Officer (Nursing), as the Mother Nurse and a “nurse administrator par excellence.”

Good treatment to nurses

He emphatically said,” No other hospital would treat nurses with the same kind of dignity and respectfulness as KG Hospital does.” He called upon the nurses to love themselves, their profession, their parents, their organization and their country. He told them to take care of their health and maintain cordial relationship with one and all.

Mrs Vaijayanthi in her keynote address said that she felt so proud to be a nurse. She praised all the nurses in KG Hospital as wonderfully good.

Mrs Beulah Kalaiarasi, Nursing Superintendent, in her welcome address said that nurses played a crucial role in the healthcare delivery system.

The International Council of Nurses’ theme for this year’s celebrations “Nurses—A voice to lead, Health is a human right” formed the backdrop of the celebrations.

Doctors, nurses, Chief Executive Officers, and hospital staff attended the function.

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