A 67-year-old female patient Arukkani Ammal from Namakkal came to KG Hospital recently with a complaint of heart attack. Already she had a history of other illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma.

Earlier, the patient got treatment for her heart condition in a hospital at Erode. After doing the angiogram procedure, the doctor there asked her to go to either Coimbatore or Chennai for a heart surgery.

The patient was hesitant to undergo any surgery. The patient emphatically stated that she would rather live for 10 years without surgery, than live for 20 years after surgery.

Talk show

It so happened that on a Sunday, her grandchildren switched on a TV channel at home in which KG Hospital Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam was giving a speech on the symptoms and treatment procedures for heart attack.

The children immediately called their mother and grandmother to watch the programme. Impressed by the talk-show, they decided to come to KG Hospital. According to Mrs Kavitha, daughter-in-law of the patient, when they reached KG Hospital, Dr Bakthavathsalam was not there.

However, they were well taken care of by the hospital staff, and after examining the patient, Dr S.K.Varma, Chief Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon, performed the by-pass surgery on her as she had 3 blocks in the heart.

Within 48 hours of the surgery, the patient started walking on her own. Expressing surprise over such a speedy recovery, Mrs Sabitha said that after an eye surgery her mother-in-law did not move out of her room for 3 months. But, the day after a major heart surgery she started walking freely. Their relatives were astonished to hear this.

God’s avatars

Mrs Kavitha further said, “Only now I begin to believe that doctors are avatars of God.” ” Expressing her thanks, she wished Dr Bakthavathsalam to live for another 100 years to save the lives of poor patients like them. She also said that after some time she would bring her mother-in-law to KG Hospital for eye treatment.

Dr Bakthavathsalam said that by-pass surgery was a major operation done to remove the blockage in blood supply to the heart. KG Hospital has experts like Dr Varma and Dr Krishnan (who does “beating heart surgery”) and cardiologists like Dr Y.Y.Rao, Dr Nitthiyan and Dr C.Balasubramanian to take care of the patients with heart problems.

The Chairman also said that Dr Manoj Ramachandran, Chief Ophthalmologist of KG Hospital, had done 85,000 eye surgeries with wonderful results.

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