Siemens launches Worlds 1st Ultrasound System in KGH

Siemens-Germany launches World’s First Ultrasound System with Wireless Transducers – ACUSON Freestyle Ultrasound System – its latest innovative product – at KG Hospital & Post Graduate Medical Institute, Coimbatore, India – First Time in India

Mr. Kailash Yagnik, Country Division Lead (Clinical Products Division), Healthcare Sector, Siemens Limited, Mumbai, mentioned that he is very proud to launch the latest equipment for the first time in India at KG Hospital, Coimbatore, which is a very prestigious international standard hospital in India.

Siemens has a long relationship with KG Hospital. KG Hospital introduced the first 128 Slice CT Scan Machine in Asia.

Siemens, therefore, chose to launch the ‘ACUSON Freestyle Ultrasound System” in KG Hospital.

Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam, Padma Shri awardee, Chairman of KG Hospital, and Mr. Kailash Yagnik, Country Division Lead, Clinical Products Division, Siemens India Limited, Mumbai, mentioned the advantages of this particular equipment, which has been imported from Germany.

1) The machine does not have any cables. The transducer is not connected to the machine through cables as usual.

2) This is a cable-less and wireless transducer.

3) The machine can be kept at a distance of 12 feet.

4) Hence the transducer is held by the doctor in a sterile condition.

5) This is useful in the operation theatre for operating on the brain, liver and also in the interventional department and also in the pain relieving department.

6) The weight of the machine is 4 kgs.

7) It is doctor and patient friendly.

KG Hospital’s three Ultrasonology doctors, viz. Dr. Sudha, Dr. Saravanan and Dr.Kapisoor Singh, were very happy that through this machine, hundreds of patients can be helped to overcome their difficult situations by way of accurate diagnosis, perfect location of the pathology and in a very safe manner.

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