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New International Deluxe Facility of KG Hospital to be inaugurated by His Excellency, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Dr. K. Rosaiah, on 6.11.2014 at 4 p.m.

The International Deluxe Facility (located adjacent to KG Hospital, Government Arts College Road, Coimbatore), houses the following departments created at a cost of Rs.25 crores:-

(1) Advanced Eye Clinic

(2) Wellness Health Assessment Centre

(3) Modern Dental Clinic

(4) Day Care Surgery

(5) Pain Relief Centre

(6) Women Centre

1. Advanced Eye Clinic: houses all the latest equipments, including Yag Laser, Argon Laser, Fluorescein Angiography, Perimetry and Slit Lamps. These equipments are required for making accurate diagnosis of the eye ailments.

The department is headed by Dr. Manoj Ramachandran, Senior Ophthalmologist of 20 years’ experience, who has conducted more than 40,000 eye surgeries.

2. Wellness Health Assessment Centre: People should give more importance for ‘wellness’ and ‘good health’. Minor and major clinical conditions go unnoticed, which need to be detected at the earliest point of time. The Wellness Health Assessment Centre has been created with the purpose of assessing the health status of individuals and professionals working in various industries. Once the health status is assessed, advice is given according to the individual person.

Lifestyle diseases can be detected and progression to serious condition can be implemented. Proficiency and excellence in this department will help thousands of persons.

3. Dental Clinic: The oral health (health of the mouth) is of great importance for the health of the individual. Four senior doctors will man the department for dental health check up and treatment procedures.

4. Day Care Surgery: Headed by Prof. Dr. V.P. Shanmugasundaram (Chief Surgeon), Dr. K. Balakrishnan (ENT Surgeon) and Dr. N.M. Balakrishnan (Urologist) will perform Day Care Surgery. These patients get admitted in the morning and will be discharged in the evening after the surgery or procedure – Day Care – thereby reducing the cost of treatment and ensure safety to the patients. Surgeries like appendectomy, hydrocele, hernia, circumcision, tonsillitis, stone removal, FESS Surgery (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery), etc., can be carried out effectively in this Day Care Surgery Centre.

5. Pain Relief Centre: Headed by Dr. R. Senthil Kumar, the Specialist in Pain Management. He is available for managing intractable pain caused by any disease, including cancer. Patients come in and necessary surgery or procedure is done after proper diagnosis and they go home.

6. Women’s Centre: Exclusively created rooms for antenatal check up, walk-in delivery, painless delivery and infertility diagnosis are possible in the Women’s Centre.

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