No day is complete without a woman. Every day is a woman’s day.

March 8th of every year is celebrated as the Woman’s Day.

A woman has to be happy if the family has to be happy. If the family is happy, it is because of the woman.

The most important person in a crisis is a woman.

Woman may play the role of a wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law or a 19 year old girl.

The mother is the most important person in the house. Without mother, a house is not complete.

I asked a few people if they have seen God. Some replied that they have seen the idols of Tirupati Venkatachalapathi, Mariammal and Saradambal. They have seen idols of smiling Gods.

We expect “Ashirwadam” from our mother.

Our Hindu mythology gives great importance to Matha, Pitha and Guru. Mother comes in the forefront.

A mother gives asylum in her womb to a baby for 9 months. She does not charge any amount towards the lodging charge as being levied by five star hotels. A baby kicks her stomach umpteen number of times a day. The mother bears the joy and pain without any complaint. Mother is, therefore, a “God”.

Dum Biriyani costs Rs.900/- per kg. A kilogram of mutton costs Rs.450/-.

A mother will prepare food with less salt and sugar unlike hotels, which use ajnamutto and stale food.

A true mother starves by consuming food only once a day, whereas she feeds the children thrice a day. A mother toils hard to have her children educated.

After educating a boy and getting him a good job, it is natural for a mother to have a say when it comes to choosing her “daughter-in-law”. All of a sudden, a mother finds that his son loves a girl who belongs to another caste. The boy performs a “love marriage”. The boy forgets the sufferings and turmoils that his mother had undergone to get him educated and make him a respectable member in the society.

During mother”s day, daughters hug and praise their mothers, but all that is for only one day. The umpteen deeds that a mother has done for her daughter are never remembered or acknowledged. On such occasions, mother and daughter hug each other.

On such occasions, they say ‘Happy Mother’s Day”; ‘Happy Woman’s Day’.

The most important person in anybody’s life is a woman.

Mother-in-law is also a wonderful lady. She gives the best care for her daughter-in-law and son.

A woman may be unhealthy, but still she does not fail in her duty to cook food, send children to the school and educate them.

She is the home keeper or home manager or cook.

A woman should be sent for vacation by her son or daughter. Mother (Amma) is giving undivided attention to the family. She is giving you unquestioned love. At 5 a.m., she gets up, cooks food with love and affection and serves food to everyone at home. The food served in a hotel may be wonderful for one day, but you may not take it the next day. Mother and wife add “new ingredients” to the food, i.e. LOVE. She will put her whole heart and soul in everything that she does in the house.

“Attitude of gratitude” is very important. As a son or daughter, you must appreciate your mother for the excellent food that she makes every day. This is how you should inspire and motivate her. The satisfaction that she gets by “appreciation” will be tremendous.

A mother expects only “Love” from her children and husband. A mother looks after her baby like a servant. A mother becomes a mother-in-law when she looks after her grandson or granddaughter when their son and daughter in law go for work. A mother will do baby sitting and a mother will ensure that the baby gets the best food, attention, love and care.

Mother should be given the best care when it comes to “health”. Only if she is healthy, you, i.e. the son or daughter in law, can go for work. Mother’s health is very important for the whole family. Mother may not take care of their health. However, they will take care of their family.

Any disease can come to a mother. Bone strength will get reduced, i.e. osteoporosis.

A mother is a “dignified servant” of the house. Mother is thus an “unpaid and honorary servant”. She does not expect any salary, increment, PF or any other benefits. She only wants love and affection from everyone who gets benefit from her.

A mother who toils hard will get cold and fever. She may have diabetes. She may not be able to do any exercise due to excessive work that she does at home. She may not find time to do any exercise due to heavy pressure of work at home. She also does not find time to visit a doctor.

A mother will have sugar, blood pressure and host of ailments. She may like sweets and pickles. However, these would harm her health in the long run.

Do women get a heart attack? Women will get heart attack. One woman out of ten men will get a heart attack.

Before menopause, this is protected due to the hormones secreted in the woman. This is the protective substance given by God (before menopause).

Heart attack comes for both men and women. However, the risk for a woman to get a heart attack after menopause is more.

Ladies have weak hearts. Men touch women and their body parts.

On Women’s Day, I urge upon the men folk not to misuse women and mistreat women.

Woman is an embodiment of love. Without “Sakthi”, “Siva” is not there. Goddess Lakshmi is needed is every home. Do not mistreat her (woman).

Women should take care of their body. Women should take care of diseases, viz.

Less eye sight “immature cataract,

Glaucoma (if left untreated, she may go blind).

Women should check their eye pressure, blood pressure and brain bleeding periodically.

Heart problems “sudden death syndrome

Silent diabetes ” 160/180.

Symptoms may not be there, but a woman would experience the following symptoms:

· Frequent urine

· Weight loss (due to sugar, depression or cancer)

· Less appetite

· Blood in nose, blood in nipple, blood in stools (may be cancer)

As daughter-in-law, son or daughter, take your mother to the nearest hospital.

If there is excessive cholesterol or sugar, she may get a “heart attack”.

A porter in a railway station may get a heart attack. A person taking loan from a bank will get heart attack. If loan is not repaid by many people, the bank manager will get a heart attack.

A woman’s monthly period may stop once and for all. However, for some, it may recur. Then she has to be examined for cancer.

Women consume betel leaves. Wound may not get healed. A woman may faint or feel tired often. It could be due to sugar and heart disease.

“Lakshmi” (Woman) should be brought to KG Hospital. If you find our hospital to be distant, you may go to any other good hospital for undergoing a comprehensive health check up.

I advise that before marriage, the bride and bridegroom should undergo a master health check up. HIV, if any, can be detected. You may not want to have a son-in-law who has diabetes and high blood pressure (160). You may not want a daughter in law who has no uterus (aplasia), type I or type II diabetes. Diabetes could be controlled and one could then marry.

A woman should undergo a health check up when she is 15 years, 20 years, 25 years and 30 years.

She should undergo a pap smear test and bone mineral density check up. Her uterus should also be checked up.

Early check up can help detect any impending problem and corrective measures could be taken.

A lady should undergo a mammogram once every two years. Survival rate for breast cancer will be 99% if apt and timely steps are taken.

After 30 years, any part of the body can be repaired or any part of the body may need repair like a car. Never be “LATE” in this aspect.

A mother should not be given 1 kg of Mysorepak or a Kancheepuram saree. What she actually deserves is your tender love and care and a Master Health Check Up.

You should undertake health checkups in an excellent hospital ” not in a sub-optimal hospital, which has no facilities.

Respect the woman for her wisdom and experience.

Women working in KG Hospital are the movers and shakers. This hospital has a woman strength of 950 and 225 men. There are more than 50 stretcher bearers and 100 housekeeping women.

Women working in KG Hospital are very powerful, assertive and helpful.

Dr. Jayashakeela, Dr. Kavitha and Dr. Akhila are important Critical Care Specialists of the hospital.

As a woman, your health is very important. KG Hospital’s womenfolk “be it sanitary workers or lady doctors “work 24×7. They work with great amount of passion.

A lady kidney technician works for 36 hours in the hospital many a time to save a patient. Women working in KG Hospital have been instrumental in saving thousands and thousands of lives over the years.

Women have been powerful in our historical stories. Without Sita, Ramayana does not have any meaning.

Without mother, a child cannot be created.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, were created by “Mother”. The PM knows the virtues of his mother, but many do not know about “Mother”.

Women must be respected. Women’s health must be respected. As a mother, your health is very important. Only if you are healthy, we will be happy. A mother who does not want to undergo a health check up should be counselled for half a day by his son. After all, the son has to spend only a few hours each year for this purpose for his beloved mother.

On the occasion of International Day of Women on 8th March, 2015, KG Hospital has planned to conduct a SPECIAL HEALTH CHECK UP FOR WOMEN at a concessional rate of Rs.3,500/- against the actual charge of Rs.7,500/-. Those wanting to undergo this special health check up should register and pay a token amount. They may undergo the health check up as per their convenience in 90 days’ time.

KG Hospital is also planning to hold a big RALLY on the occasion of International Day of Women on 8th March, 2015.

(Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam)


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