Your responsibility as a Patient :

Provision of Pertinent Information and Following Instructions:

  • To give us complete and accurate information about your health, including your previous medical history and all the medications you are taking.
  • To inform us of changes in your condition or symptoms, including pain.
  • To strictly abide by the hospital’s rules and regulations as regards smoking, noise and regulation of visitors
  • To seek clarifications from the doctors if you don’t understand the information we give you about your condition or treatment.
  • To follow our instructions and advice, understanding that you must accept the consequences if you refuse.
  • To settle your hospital bills or make arrangements to meet the financial obligations arising from your care.
  • Ask for the information about your medicines in terms you can understand as you need to know
    • What it is for?
    • How long to take it?
    • What to do if there are side effects?
    • If it is safe to take with other medicines, food and supplements?
    • What food, drink and activities to be avoided?
Following Rules and Regulations:
  • To follow our rules and regulations.
  • To keep your scheduled appointments, or let us know if you are unable to keep them.
  • To leave your personal belongings at home or have family members take all valuables and articles of clothing while you are hospitalized.
Respect and Consideration:
  • To be considerate, cooperative and respectful to the doctors, nurses and health care providers.
  • To respect the rights of the doctors, hospital staff and managers.
  • To respect and value the hospital property.
NOTE: If you are unable to exercise these rights owing to your medical condition, your guardian, next of kin or legally authorized surrogate has the right to exercise these rights on your behalf. The organization’s leaders protect patient’s rights without time consuming. Grievance handling committee looks after the issues.