KG Hospital, Coimbatore, has been a Trendsetter’s in India in saving lives. The hospital, with its dedicated team of specialists and ambulances, have saved thousands and thousands of people who were brought to the hospital in critical conditions due to road accidents over the years. The hospital has acquired expertise in disseminating its knowledge and expertise to the common people by conducting classes on Emergency Care in the streets. We will impart the best training to the people, so that the impact from a road accident is minimized to the maximum extent possible.
(Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam)

Emergencies mostly occur at public places and in houses. In recent times, there has been considerable increase in admissions in emergency rooms of hospitals due to road accidents, sudden cardiac arrest due to heart attack, work place injuries, exposure to hazardous materials, cuts and burns, fire accidents, toxic exposure (accidental & incidental) drowning, floods, etc. A hospital is said to be good not because it has excellent infrastructure, best in class advanced equipments and qualified health care professionals, but also if it takes responsibility to provide health education to the community.

Acute Emergency care chain consists of the following:

  • Early identification of emergency problem
  • Prompt activation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) (well equipped ambulance)
  • Prompt first aid measures to keep the patient safe until the ambulance (EMS) arrives
  • Proper transfer to the concerned hospital
  • Good treatment with advanced therapeutic interventions
In this endeavour, the first three measures should be proper. In our country, it will take 20 to 30 minutes for an ambulance to reach the victims. Proper intervention by this time will yield good results in aculety sick victims. With this background, KG Hospital started the one day first aid program (basic & practical training) for lay persons.

Basic first aid program consists of:

  • Basic life support- How to start the stopped heart?
  • Do’s and don’ts for the snake bite victims
  • Fire safety and first aid measures
  • Do’s & don’ts for seizure patients
  • How to identify heart attacks and proper management?
  • First aid management for asthma
  • Do’s and don’ts for victims with nose bleed
  • Do’s and don’ts for poisoned victims
  • First aid for amputated part and safe transportation

Practical training consists of:

  • Basic life support training
  • Training to splint the fractured arms
  • Training to splint the fractured legs
  • Training to splint the neck after injury
  • Training to properly pack and transport the amputated part to the hospital
  • Do’s and don’ts during swimming and basic techniques to rescue.

Who is eligible for the course?
Interest and enthusiasm are the keys to open knowledge and skills. If you are able to gather minimum of 20 people and maximum of 100 people in your premises, KG Hospital’s expert team will come over and provide first aid management tips, or a group with 20 to 100 members may come to KG Hospital auditorium.
We will provide the training with minimal charges.

The targetted groups are:

  • Fire fighters and recovery representatives
  • Police personnel and first responders
  • Disaster,  fire and safety representatives
  • Bank employees
  • Bus and public transportation departments
  • Ambulance  taxi and auto drivers
  • Railway officers and workers
  • Airport officers and workers
  • All defence personnel
  • Telecommunication personnel
  • Software professionals
  • Corporate company professionals
  • Engineering and factory workers
  • Building construction companies
  • Small and medium scale industries
  • School and College students
  • Medical and paramedical students
  • Hoteliers and Hotel Employees
All interested persons are eligible to do the course and benefit; we are ready to join hands with NGOs or other organizations to provide first aid training to the community as a community education service.
For any further details, please contact :
Mr. R. Veluswamy,
Chief Operating Officer, 
Mobile : 9843057003