Q An ultrasound examination detected gall bladder stones in my mother but she does not have any pain in her abdomen. Does she require surgery?

A Stones which do not cause any problem are known as a symptomatic. Under certain conditions, if it is a single large stone or if the patient is diabetic or there is the history of jaundice or pancreatitis, the gall bladder having stones should be removed. Consult a surgeon.

Q My wife has been operated upon for gall bladder stones. In spite, of our requests, the surgeon did not prescribe antibiotics after the operation. Was his decision correct?

A The surgeon must have taken this decision after evaluating the condition of his patient and also the condition of his operation theatre. Clean operations carried out under aseptic conditions do not require antibiotics in the postoperative period unless there are indications for it.

Q My grandfather (85) has been diagnosed as having hernia. Can he be operated upon?

A Age is no bar for an operation, at least not for a hernia operation. You must consult a surgeon who will evaluate your grandfather, by undertaking a physical examination and a few investigations, and advise.

Q I am 45 years old and have been found to have diabetes for the last five years. Whenever I get a wound on my foot, it takes very long to heal. Please advise.

A In addition to keeping the blood sugar levels under control, the patients of diabetes mellitus have to take extra care of their feet. They must keep them clean and dry, particularly the spaces between the toes; they should wear soft, padded shoes and avoid injuries and infections; if they get any problem, they should consult a doctor at the earliest. Gangrene sets in very quickly in diabetics.

Q I am 28 years old, and in good general health. I had a caesarean delivery three years back. Following that, I developed hernia in my abdomen. Can I risk another pregnancy?

A You must consult a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology and also a surgeon because a large abdominal hernia might have to be operated upon before you decide to have another child. It should also be evaluated whether your uterine scar is strong enough or not.

Q I am 19 years old and have high blood pressure for the past three years. I have been given medicines and my blood pressure is now under control. Do I need to do anything else?

A I will suggest that you see a good physician for investigations. Young people may have a cause for high blood pressure which, if treated properly (surgery may be required), may cure your high blood pressure problem.

Q What is “frozen shoulder”?

A “Frozen shoulder” is arthritis around the shoulder joint. All the movements are restricted and painful. Most of the patients can be treated by exercise and drugs. One should consult an orthopaedic surgeon, who may also refer the patient to a physiotherapist.