• Admission


    • Patients will be admitted on the advice of doctors only
    • Patients or their attendants are requested to fill in the Admission Form in the Front Office/Reception.
    • Please indicate your room preference.
    • The Admission Department will allot you a room of your choice, subject to availability.
    • Please bring minimum items while getting admitted, viz. two sets of dresses, soap, toothpaste, tooth brush and towels
    • We advise you not to wear any gold or diamond ornaments while coming to the hospital while getting admitted.
    • The hospital will not be responsible for loss or theft of your valuables.
  • Dietary Services


    • Your diet is designed by our dietician keeping in mind the requirements specified by the doctor.
    • Kindly do not bring home made food or food from nearby hotels.
    • Jain food will be provided on request.
    • We do not serve non-vegetarian food nor do we advise it for the patients.
    • We request you to abide by It is, therefore, requested that only the hospital prescribed diet, which is designed to be healthy the prescribed diet as made available in the hospital and nutritious is taken by you which will be healthy, nutritious, less oily and less spicy.
  • Housekeeping


    • Your room and toilet will be cleaned twice daily, i.e. once in the morning and once in the evening.
    • Patients are requested not to bring any linen. This will be supplied by the hospital.
    • Patients’ attendants may bring their linen.
  • Medical Treatment


    • Your Consultant Doctor at K.G. Hospital will be responsible for your treatment.
    • He will write the details of diagnostic tests to be undergone by you.
    • Please notify to the doctor about medicines that you take regularly and take his permission to continue taking the same while you are under his treatment.
  • Pharmacy


    • All medicines required for your use while in the hospital may be bought from the hospital’s pharmacy, which functions round the clock.
    • The medicines so purchased may be kept in the medicine tray kept in the patient’s room and the nurse notified. She will give the medicines as per the prescription to the patient from time to time.
    • When emergency drugs are needed for the patient, the nurses will use the drugs available in nursing stock and these should be replaced by the patient’s attendant.
  • Billing


    • Based on treatment, bills should be paid to the hospital from time to time.
    • The patient will be given periodical payment advice slip for remittance of cash at the cash counter.
    • Please pay in cash only in cash counters or billing office in the 4th floor and obtain receipts thereof.
    • Outstation patients may pay by demand draft or credit card. However, the necessary service charge on credit card will be borne by the patients.
    • You can always demand a progressive bill from the cash department.
  • Insurance


    • If you are covered under mediclaim Insurance policy, and want to avail cashless facility, please intimate about this at the time of admission itself and obtain necessary assistance from our Insurance Department.
    • Insurance Department will initiate action to obtain authorization from the insurance companies or third party administrators as the case may be prior to commencement of treatment.
    • Your discharge after treatment will be based on the final approval from the TPAs.
  • Discharge Information


    • Your doctor will decide as to when you have to be discharged.
    • The billing department will prepare the final bill for settlement.
    • On settlement of the dues to the hospital, you may plan to get discharged.
  • Feedback


    • We are interested in knowing your experience as a patient at the hospital.
    • Please complete the discharge feedback form that would be given to you at the time of discharge.
    • Your feedback will help us to serve the patients better.
  • General Instructions


    • Patients and their attendants are prohibited from smoking in the hospital premises.
    • Silence is essential in a hospital; even a minor noise can disturb people who are not feeling well.
    • Visitors and patients are requested to speak softly and avoid unnecessary noise.
    • Patients’ relatives are advised not to crowd the area outside the patient rooms.
  • Admission

    Ways of Admission:

    (a) Admission Counter/Registration Desk:

    • If your doctor refers you to our hospital for admission
    • If you come without being referred, but want to be admitted you will be admitted after consultation with the appropriate consultant doctor of our hospital.

    Submit the following:

    • Your doctor’s reference note [which will contain instructions/details of the case].
    • Select the class/room in which you would like to be admitted.

    (b) Emergency/Casualty:

    Admissions are done through the Casualty by the Casualty Medical Officer

    • In urgent need of medical attention

     Fill in the following documents:

    • Admission Form: This is to ensure you receive appropriate medical treatment the while in our care.
    • Consent Form: In relation to your treatment, this form seeks confirmation of your understanding of the treatment options and acceptance of the course of treatment.