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Dr. R. Muthukrishnan
Consultant Pathologist

KG Hospital & Post Graduate Medical Institute, Coimbatore. India
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Clinical diagnostic laboratory is a department where "application of all laboratory sciences is done for the diagnosis. Prevention, treatment and management of diseases". The laboratory in KG Hospital has facilities for pathology, Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology & VHRL, Clinical Pathology and Hematology.

A number of routine and special investigations are done for both Outpatients and Inpatients. The laboratory is well equipped with state - of - the art automated instruments to provide accuracy and precesion of results in a short time.

Fully well trained staff manages the laboratory. Full time pathologist, biochemist and microbiologists help in proper interpretation and reporting of results.

The lab staff and the Doctors interact freely with the referring physicians to provide a better understanding of the results, which ultimately benefits the patients.


Lab Overview


  • KG Hospital Laboratory has its Centralized Processing Laboratory (CPL), We shall provide a good environment with the best latest equipments, well-trained manpower and world-class computerized fully automated instruments, selection of highly standard reagents and quality controls to provide accuracy and precision of results in a short time and early diagnosis to offer safe and affordable treatment.
  • We shall achieve international standard in the field of Healthcare.
  • We will give personal attention to all our customers, treating them as our friends and family members.
  • The motto of the Laboratory is "QUALITY ALWAYS" The excellent team works with the members of the department.



  • Well-trained Phlebotomists
  • Sample integrity checks at various levels
  • Sincere efforts made to accommodate inadequate specimen
  • Bar-coding for easy and accurate workflow
  • Storage facilities at various temperatures up to -800c.


  • Comprehensive test / Profile Menu
  • Usage of all Gold standard techniques
  • Fully automated computeriosed Instruments / equipments and IT integration.
  • Various levels of validation / Authorization
  • Personal review by Pathologist
  • Transparent reporting
  • Qualified, Skilled and well Trained Team
  • Effective system to accommodate emergency tests.


  • Suitable sample retention in case of test additions /rechecks
  • Comprehensive and informative report layout as per international norms
  • Comprehensive age / sex/phase-wise reference ranges, which are in-house validation or established
  • Test description and interpretations for easy review of reports


Practising integrated quality assurance system as per NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) guidelines, which covers: -
  • Internal quality check
  • External quality check
  • Proficiency testing
  • Inter-laboratory testing
  • Regular check of analytical measurements range
  • Regular performance monitoring
  • Internal and External audits
  • Regular quality improvement programme
  • Serious attention to feedback and complaints


Backup available for Power, Equipments, Instruments, Manpower and IT System etc.


  • One directory listing routine, Special and Super special test menu for easy use.
  • User Friendly alphabetical test listing
  • Comprehensive menu
  • Disease wise test menu / Profiles
  • Rabbit Turn around time and convenient test cut off timing
  • User-friendly details on sample collection, Storage and Transport along with Phlebotomy manual.
  • Information on KG Hospital network, Contacts and support team.


  • Laboratory Sample collection complete vacationers system
  • To make the optimum use of the best-equipped machines, KG Hospital Laboratory has come up with the revolutionary idea of bar coding the entire network.
  • Through this procedure, each and every sample is identified by the barcode on the vial. With this modality of working, the sample vial once placed on the automated instrument is automatically identified, along with the test to be performed.
  • Not only does bar coding ensure error-free reporting, it also helps in curtailing the time consumed or lost in pre-analytical procedures and offers a smooth hassle free operating system.


  • Histopathology
  • Cytopathology
  • Haematology and Clinical Pathology
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Microbiology, Serology and VHRL



S.No.Name of the InstrumentsMake
01. HITACHI- 912 - Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer.Roche - Japan.
02.HITACHI- 917- Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer.Roche - Japan.
03.ARCHITECT C 8000- Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer.Bayer-US/Japan
04.Technician- RA -50; Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer.Ireland.
05.Roche, Photometer- 4020;Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer.Japan.
06.Diagnostic Stago-ST4- Coagulation Meter.France.
07.Roche - OMINI C - ABG Analyzer.Germany.
08.ABL -555 - Blood Gas Analyzer-.Germany.
09.ABL -800 Radiometer America Inc - Blood Gas AnalyzerAmerica
10.Medica-Easylyte Plus Electrolyte Analyzer.USA.
11.Roche -Reflotron -Dry chemistry system.Germany.
12.RAL -Scan ion Densitometry -Spain.- RAL-Electrophoresis Tank, Spain.
13.Osmomat- 303 -Gonatec,Germany.
14.Accutrend Sensor (Roche-Glucometer) - 6 Nos.-Roche. Roche USA.
15.ELISA reader - Plate type,USA.
16.ELISA reader - Strip type.USA.


S.No.Name of the InstrumentMake
01.ABX -Pentra- XL 80 Hematology analyzer. France
02.ABX MICROS 60 Hematology Analyzer France
03.Roche Urisys- 1800.Switzerland.
04.Sperm Quality Analyzer -MES -ltd.


S. No.Name of the Instrument Make
01.Automated Tissue Processor
02.Microtome-Microm, Germany.


S. NoName of the Instrument Make
01.Abbott Axsym -Abbott LaboratoriesUSA.
02.Bactec- 9050 -Becton Dickinson.USA.
03.Mini Nephlometry.The Binding site UK.
04.ELISA -Reader. Bio tek.USA.
05.ELISA- Washer. Bio tek.USA.


Chemical changes take place within the human body whenever there is a disease process present. Biochemistry analyzes and quantifies these chemicals to help in prompt diagnosis, Treatment and follow up.

An automated analyser is a medical laboratory instrument designed to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples quickly, with minimal human assistance.

These measured properties of blood and Body fluids like Pleural fluid, ascetics fluid, Urine, CSF, etc. may be useful in the diagnosis of disease.




General Information:

  • Method: Spectrophotometer
  • Processes up to 720 tests per hour from a test menu of greater than 100 assays
  • Consolidate multiple sample types, including serum, plasma, urine and spinal fluid
  • Barcode Reagents: automatic reagent registration, automatic bottle changeover, automatic calibration tracking, random reagent placement
  • Intuitive software with contest-sensitive help
  • Operator interaction by touch-screen, mouse or keyboard
  • Online, software stores 10,000 patient results and 5,000 QC tests

Roche/Hitachi 917 System

Roche/Hitachi 917 System

General Information

The Hitachi 917 is an automated biochemistry analyser used by medical laboratories to process biological fluid specimens, such as urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and most commonly, blood.

Manufactured by Boehringer Mannheim, the Hitachi 917 is a commonly used routine chemical bichromatic analyser. Capable of doing 1200 test/hour with ISE, it is a popular choice among small to medium size laboratories.

Features at a glance

  • Type:Chemistry Analyzer
  • Parameters: 69 analytes
  • Method: Spectrophotometric Method.
  • Capable of doing 1200 test/hour with ISE,
  • Barcode Reagents: automatic reagent registration, automatic bottle changeover, automatic calibration tracking, random reagent placement
  • Intuitive software with contest-sensitive help
  • Operator interaction by touch-screen, mouse or keyboard
  • Online, software stores 10,000 patient results and 5,000 QC tests

Apart from routine investigation like


  • Liver Function tests,
  • Lipid Profile,
  • Renal function tests,
  • Diabetic profile,
  • Electrolytes



Architect c8000 from Abbott laboratories - Feature and facility

Architect c8000

Abbott Diagnostics

U.S / Japan

Operational type/Reagent type
Continuous random access/open reagent system

Sample handling system/Model type
Multi-dimensional retest sample handler, carousel/floor standing

Test /Hr
1200 Test (800 Test Photometric and 600 ISE)

  • Enhanced sample management improves laboratory workflow
  • Retest sample holder (RSH) provide faster result. Unique design of the RSH provide continuous sample access
  • Minimal reagent handling; Liquid ready to use reagent increase productivity and ensure quality.
  • Clot, bubble and short sample detection technology; accurate sample aspiration
  • Provide fast and accurate ISE results using a small 15 ┬ÁL sample volume
  • Piezoelectric mixers-vibrate the mixer (Without foaming or bubbles to prolong cuvette life
  • Eight step wash process (effective cleaning of permanent glass cuvettes)
  • Automatic cuvette integrity check (cuvette check quality before each test)
  • Sophisticated software that's easy to use


Instrument used for Thyroid, Fertility, Tumor Markers, Drugs and Cardiac Markers Tests: (Including HIV and Hepatitis virus) also.



Clinical decisions demand the highest accuracy and precision available, and that's why over 10,000 laboratories worldwide have made AxSYM their choice for immunoassay assay testing.

The AXSYM processes up to 80 to 120 tests per hour while providing continuous access, random access, and STAT processing.

General Information:

  • In-line pressure monitoring
  • Foam avoidance
  • Enhanced Exception Management
  • Ratio calculation
  • STAT rerun capabilities and Exterior hardware enhancements.

  • The Abbott Axsym is an immunochemical automated analyser made by Abbott Laboratories.
  • It is used for serology tests and therapeutic drug monitoring, and uses antibodies to alter the deflection of polarised light.
  • It can also be used to monitor hormone level and some cardiac markers such as troponin.

Many special tests are also carried out.

  • Thyroid Hormones, Fertility Hormones, Tumor Markers, Drug assay
  • Cardiac Markers and Anemia profile


Sodium/Potassium and Chloride Analyzer:

  • EasyLyte Na/K and Cl analyzers are completely automated, microprocessor controlled electrolyte systems that use current ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology to make electrolyte measurements.
  • The EasyLyte product line measures various combinations of sodium, potassium, and chloride in whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine.



Accuret blood counts are important for proper evaluation and treatment.

We employ sophisticated Automated Haematology Cell Counter to provide a reliable Complete blood Count (CBC).'Peripheral blood smears are done on all suspicious CBC'.Bone marro aspirates helps in diagnosing leukaemia,Lyphomas,metasstatic tumars and various anemia's etc.

General Information-ABX Pentra XL- 80

  • Auto-sampling.
  • 5-part differential.
  • Customized dilution ratio.
  • 26 parameters.
  • Patient data management adapted to your specific needs.
  • Optimized sample processing, ideal for workloads up to 350 samples/day.
  • Fully integrated validation station.
  • Completely automated and easy access to all menus.
  • 80 samples/hour



Apart from Blood parameter analysis, Clinical pathology provides testing facilities for evaluation of various body fluids, stools samples, Special tests like Hams test / Osmotic fragility etc.


PT, APTT, D-Dimmer, Anti Throb-III and Fibrinogen.

Done in Diagnostic Stago - ST4 Machine

Diagnostic Stago - ST4 Machine

  • A complete workstation for haemostasis
  • Compact and convenient 4-channel coagulation analyzer
  • Comprehensive system
  • Excellent reliability: STAGO patented clot detection system

Fully automated random access coagulation analyzer for the high-throughput laboratory dedicated for routine and special coagulation testing.


  • Comprehensive management of your urinalysis work area.
  • High convenience for fast and efficient processing.
  • User-friendly software for customized operation and reporting.
  • Proven quality of Diagnostics test strips.
  • Up to 600 test strips/hour
  • Memory Capacity: 1000 samples, 3x100 controls




  • Reports basic semen analysis results in 45 seconds.
  • Runs undiluted fresh or washed semen samples
  • Self testing, self calibrating
  • Built-in printer generates a semen analysis report
  • Disposable testing capillary

Sperm Quality Analyzer (SQA IIC-P)

Product Description:

The SQA IIC-P combines electro-optics and computer algorithms to calculate and report semen analysis results. The instrument is a straightforward and convenient tool for basic semen assessment and screening.

Microbiology, Serology and VHRL:

This division of laboratory services deals with the detection of various types of Microorganisms causing infection in the human body. For this purpose blood, CSF, Urine. Pleural fluid, ascetic fluid or crush preparation are cultured and growth or absence of growth of organisms is looked into sensitivity pattern of the cultured organisms to various antibiotics is also assessed. This helps to initiate the proper medication to the patients.

Detects HIV/AIDS virus and Hepatitis virus antibodies in VHRL Laboratory.

Instrument: Abbott AXSYM

Abbott AXSYM

The deportment uses automated BACTEC 9050 rapid culture system for blood culture. Blood Culture Analyzer - Becton Dickinson BACTEC- 9050


BACTEC- 9050

  • The Becton Dickinson Bactec 9050 is ideally suited for laboratories that process less than 150 blood culture sets each month.
  • The compact size of the BACTEC 9050 minimizes space requirements; its reliability and high-quality service programs promise years of dependable performance.
  • The BACTEC 9050 features fully automated non-invasive continuous fluorescent monitoring of growth, yet occupies only 4.5 square feet of bench space.
  • Software and operating systems are totally built in, so there's no need for an external computer to take up more space and complicate operations.
  • The instrument is designed for laboratories processing up to five blood cultures per day.
  • The laboratorian simply opens the door of the instrument, presses the "Vial Entry" key, scans the vial bar code at the fixed bar code reader, and places the vial into the assigned position. Once the door is shut, processing automatically begins.


  • It is the systematic study of tissues and organs for determination of the diseases and to provide useful information for determination and prognosis. The range of tissue samples varies from whole organs like Uterus, Spleen and segments of intestine to a 3-mm diameter gastric mucosal biopsy.
  • The tissues received are processed in automated tissue processor and reports generated within 24 - 48 Hours.

National digital microscope

National digital microscope


  • Trucut needle biopsies of Liver, Kidney, Prostate and Breast
  • Large and small specimen like thyroid, testes, breast and Lymphnodes etc.
  • Neuropathology
  • Gynecologic pathology
  • Oncopathology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Routine Surgical specimens
  • Endoscopic and bronchoscopic biopsies
  • Cytochemical stains done as and when required.

  • Cytology:

    It is the art and science of evaluation of cells aspirated with the use of needle or those shed from various surfaces into the body cavities.

    FNAC: - Fine needle aspiration cytology is performed on all types of masses in the body especially breast, thyroid, lymphnodes etc. Ultrasound and CT guided aspirates are also performed.

    A meaningful report is available at the earliest to help plan the treatment protocol.

    Binocular laboratory microscope ...

    Binocular laboratory microscope

    The various cytological specimens handled are:

    • Vaginal cytology (PAP Smears)
    • Pleural Fluid
    • Ascitic Fluid
    • Synovial Fluid
    • Dialysate Fluid
    • CSF
    • Urine

    These are assessed for presence or absence of malignant cells.

    Imaging System: Real time and static images of microscopic slides can be viewed on the computer monitor for teaching and discussion purpose, of Histopathology, Microbiology and Genetic images.

    This Machine is useful to conduct the following tests

    Education & Research

    We conduct continuing teaching and training programmes for technicians.

    • Certificate of Medical Laboratory Technology.(Affiliated to kings Institute of Preventive Medicine, Chennai)
    • KG Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.
    • Observer ship for B.Sc and M.Sc in Biochemistry and Microbiology in our lab.
    • Our Laboratory is actively involved in various National and International level research trials.
    • Our laboratory is actively involved in Research projects and Published International Journals.


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      I am writing on behalf of an international publishing house, Lambert Academic Publishing.

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      LAP would be especially interested in publishing your dissertation in the form of a printed book.

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      Invitation & Appreciation:

      Dear Dr.,

      Chinese Medical Association invite the Focus in Surgery 2010 (FIS 2010) Conference, which will be held in Lanzhou, China. We would like you to participate in this conference and present your recent work and ideas of "Effect of chronic smoking on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status in gastric carcinoma patients that were published in Indian J Gastroenterol". This article; this is one of the high profile and interesting studies, we wish to invite to our meeting and we hope it will have benefit to you as well as to our growing scientific community.


      LU, Yao MD, PhD
      EPS Global Medical Development Inc.

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    With Regards
    Deportment of Laboratory Medicine
    Institute of Laboratory Medicine
    KG Hospital and Post Graduate Medical Institute
    Coimbatore-641 018
    Tamil Nadu, India
    Tel: +91 422 2201201
    Fax: +91 422 2211212
    Sample Collection:

    Staff is available for collection of samples from specific clinics, Nursing Homes, Laboratories on request (Contact Number-2201201).

    Test Result Reports:

    • KG Hospital laboratory test result reports are generally complete within 24 hours after in the laboratory.
    • The full report is delivered by courier or by E-mail if out of the geographic area.
    • Most routine tests can be reported within the 4 to 5 hours time frame, but for tests taking more than one day to perform (like Biopsy, Culture and Sensitivity) a partial report will be delivered Final report will be reprinted and delivered when all results are available.

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