DNB Course

KG Hospital & Postgraduate Medical Institute

All academic activities of KG College of Health Sciences are closely monitored and efficiently guided by Chairman Dr G.Bakthavathsalam who has a great passion for teaching and learning.

For him, learning is a life-long process and therefore he vigorously propagates the idea that “if you have not learnt anything yesterday, you are uneducated today.” Therefore, Dr GB is both a passionate teacher and a studious student.

Under his leadership, an Academic Board consisting of eminent teachers is actively involved in daily tutoring, mentoring students, organizing bedside clinics, giving hands-on training, promoting research and conducting audits. Teaching in the Institution is of excellent quality and is based on evidence based ethical medical practices.


DNB Anesthesiology

Post MBBS (3 years) – 3 seats / year<> Post DA – 3 seats / year.

General Surgery

DNB General Surgery

Post MBBS (3 years)
3 seats / year

General Surgery

DNB Radiology

Post MBBS (3 years) – 2 seats year
Post DMRD – 2 seats / year.

Family Medicine

DNB Family Medicine

Post MBBS (3 years) – 4 seats / year
Secondary – 4 seats / year.


DNB Cardiology

2 Years - 1 seat / year.


DNB Nephrology

3 Years - 1 seat / year.

General Surgery

DNB Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Post MBBS (3 years) – 2 seats / year
Post DGO – 2 seats / year.


DNB Orthopedics

Post MBBS (3 years) – 2 seats / year
Post D'ortho– 2 seats / year.



6 years – 1 seat / year.

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