Master Health Check up

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Regular check-ups can ensure that you avoid hospitalization and a fat medical bill.

Recognizing risk: We do not take health risks lightly. Check-ups should not wait until symptoms appear. It may be noted that almost half of all patients of hypertension and diabetes show no outward symptoms.

  • Master Health Check up
  • Special V.I.P / Heart / Executive Health Checkup
  • Special Diabetic Health Check up
  • Global Health Check up
  • Special Heart Check up


Corporate Health Checkup :

Many Corporate Companies utilize our service for recruiting healthy employees for their organization. We have Corporate Health check up and Pre employment check up program according to their needs.For Corporate Health check up and free employment check up please contact

Mr. R. Gandharaj (98422-66630) Senior Manager Corporate Relations

E-Mail :

Steps involved in Health Check Up

  • Please come on empty stomach for health checkup at 7.30 a.m. (avoid tea & coffee)
  • Registration will be done in the Reception counter. You will have to furnish your name, age, sex, address & contact number.
  • Please make payment at the cash counter.
  • You will be given a folder.
  • The Chief of the Health Check up Department will be available in the Reception from 7.30 a.m.
  • Drawing blood & also sample of urine in empty stomach – 15 minutes (report: after 5 hours)
  • Ultrasound abdomen – 1 or 2 hours (approximately)
  • Go down to canteen for breakfast (idli, dosai, coffee/tea) costing Rs.60/-. Please note that breakfast is not given like a hotel; it is prepared in a hygienic manner; it may be tasty or not tasty. It is meant for hospital patients. Please bear with us. In case you prefer to go to a nearby hotel, you may do so.
  • Chest X-ray – ½ hour to 1 hour
  • ECG – ½ hour to 1 hours, Laboratory – 1 ½ hour PP blood sugar.
  • At Health Check up Department, you will be interviewed by the Primary Doctor, where you will undergo a BMI.
  • Echo Cardiography – 1 to 2 hours (depending on the number of patients waiting); if you are not fit, this may be skipped.
  • Tread Mill Test – 20 minutes, if required only. Your test may take 3 to 4 hours; it has to be done perfectly. You should bring an attendant
  • with you if you want to undergo a TMT.
  • Go to canteen for lunch after all the tests.
  • After getting all the reports, your case sheet will be given to the Chief Doctor. We understand that you may have come from a faraway place, but we will do everything possible to quicken the process. The doctor will see you and you will be given all prescriptions.
  • Dietician counselling – 15 minutes
  • The whole process will take about 8 hours.
  • Feedback/suggestions for improvement may be given to us.

Health Checkup Doctors