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National Doctors Day Celebration

National Doctors Day is celebrated on 1st July every year across the country. It is celebrated to show our respect, thanks, and gratitude to the doctors who save lives. While doctors have always been considered a noble profession, they are gaining more importance as frontline players during the Covid-19 battle.

National Doctors Day is an opportunity for each of us to pay tribute to doctors and appreciate their ability to comfort and heal patients. Like every year, this year KG Hospital celebrated Doctors Day with enthusiasm.

The real heroes of today are those who dedicate their time, life and health to help the suffering patients. Doctors were given bouquets to thank them for their generous work. We had arranged some interesting activities for them to de-stress, spend some precious time together and have fun.

We have organized a fun-filled event for the doctors who have risked their lives to serve the patients during diseases. After all the doctors of the hospital participated in many fun activities, the Chairman Dr.Bakthavathsalam honored all of them with mementos and gifts for their immense contribution towards patient care.

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